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Trust me, I have searched and read a ton, so my question is pretty specific.
I am looking to run a set up a lot like this one on JnJs rig.

However, I was planning on using dodge TREs since they are the stock taper and I wouldnt have to ream out the knuckles. JnJs set up uses chevy ends and the one on the passenger side has a hole in it to accept the end of the drag link. Using those ends would require reaming out the knuckles and I would prefer not to have to do that if possible.
So my question is how can I connect the drag link to the tie rod in this set up without having the chevy ends? Could I use a joint other tahn a TRE at that joint? I cant use heims as I live in MN and drive this daily, so the salt will eat them alive....
ANy ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.
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