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Ok, I didnt get a chance to stop and take a picture or write down the VIN yet. But if you had free reign to it, Would you consider it for anything? Would the straight 6 be a good swap into my Bronco II? Can the automatic trans take abuse? T-case? Anything?
Depending on the year and the condition, if you could get it for free or extremely cheap you should, then part it out. The front is a D30, the rear could be a D35, a Chrysler 8.25 or a D44. You mention that it has discs front and rear, this was not a factory option. Either someone converted it over, or they swapped rear axles. As for swapping the drivetrain into your BII, I wouldn't bother. I have seen '94 explorers with a solid drivetrain and a rotted out body go for $300 or less, would be a better/easier swap.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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