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XJ's slopping steering,...

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What are common areas to check on a XJ for very loose steering? On the hiway with the 33 Swampers I have 1/4 turn in the wheel before I get any kind of reaction from the wheels,.. I'd like to solve the issue before the Jeep Jamboree :)
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Since youl now be rebuilding or replacing your trac bar setup...

If you choose to just replace the bushing, or pickup another OEM tracbar.. Drill the axle and tracbar (where they meet) to 1/2" and replace that POS factory bolt with some gr8 hardware.
move over the trac bar?.. you got any pics of your setup, if your not getting bumpsteer now, screwing with the trac bar can lead to problems unless your going with a well thoughtout setup.
Hey which jamboree you going to?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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