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XJ's slopping steering,...

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What are common areas to check on a XJ for very loose steering? On the hiway with the 33 Swampers I have 1/4 turn in the wheel before I get any kind of reaction from the wheels,.. I'd like to solve the issue before the Jeep Jamboree :)
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Jeepkid8037 said:
1. Your steering box may be loose and might need to be rebuilt/replaced

2. Check your trac bar mount, steering linkages etc. in the front end to insure that everything is nice and tight. Also check the 3 bolts that hold the steering box to the unibody.

3. Check for cracks/breaks in the unibody where the steering box bolts on.

I replaced my steering box with a used one and i still had too much play in the steering wheel. So i went through the front end and noticed that the trac bar mount was loose. After tightening that up my steering is great and i havent had any problems since.

what he said...to check the Trackbar for good joint stand beside the rig and look down at the tire.. if the body moves first the trackbar is toast, replace it
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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