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All the drivers are done walking the courses and heading over to the MAXXIS trailer for the drivers meeting.


Rigs are getting warmed up and Creighton is getting ready to sing the National Anthem. We will be running in about 5 minutes.

Dave Smith and Chad Burchik are first up. Dave Smith took it with out much trouble.

xrra000008.JPG xrra000009.JPG xrra000010.JPG xrra000011.JPG xrra000012.JPG xrra000013.JPG xrra000014.JPG


Tony Rietdorf is tearing it up on their first lap. Brad is laying it down and catching up though.

Brad laid it down on the second lap and came back to take the win.


We are waiting on a course clear so Eric Holder and Brandon Haynes can put it down. They both caught nice air off the table top with Brandon from Branik Motorsports taking a nice lead. Brandon is off to almost a half a lap lead but Holder is mashing the peddle trying to catch up. Brandon holds on takes the win.

UPDATE 10:00

You have to love the sound of horse power in the morning.

Jt Taylor and Ken Blume are now up. After turn 3 Ken has a nice lead, but he just got caught up on the rock climb. JT has caught him and they are neck and neck over the table top.

Ken seems retakes the lead around turn 1, but JT is still chasing him. Ken Blume almost threw the race by going under the banner. He saved it just as JT caught him.

UPDATE 10:05

Shannon Campbell and Doug Bigelow are lined up and ready to go.

Shannon Campbell is coming off his win at the WE Rock Grand Nationals. Will he be able to take this one too?

Doug Bigelow ended 4th overall in the east.

They are off. Shannon and Doug are dead even off the line. Shannon is working that L7, but Bigelow isn't having it and they are still dead even.

Doug was had him but caught a banner which let Shannon get out front. Doug just had something go wrong because he is stopped after the 1st corner on lap 2.

Shannon let up on the peddle and took the win with out much trouble.

xrra000015.JPG xrra000016.JPG xrra000017.JPG xrra000018.JPG

UPDATE 10:15

Rob Bonney and Rusty Bray are off and running.

Rusty is off to a very nice lead after lap one. Rob is doing what he can to catch Rusty, but Rusty has it all working right now.

Rusty takes the win by almost half a lap.

UPDATE 10:20

Stan Haynes of Branik Motorsports and Mark Munson are bouncing around the course.

Stan is out in the lead but Mark isn't letting him run away with it. They both just caught some nice air off the table top.

Stan has retaken the lead on the second lap and he is going to the take the win.

UPDATE 10:25

Roger Lovell is now up against John Markovich. John takes the early lead into turn 1. John is holds the lead into lap 2 and takes some nice air off the table top.

Rogers spotter is waving his arms trying to get him to put the hammer down.

Ut oh John is having trouble on the rocky climb and Roger is catching up. John blew a tire has he bounced out the finish gate for the win.

xrra000019.JPG xrra000020.JPG xrra000021.JPG xrra000022.JPG

UPDATE 10:30

Danny Roher and Josh Murray are duking it out. They are even after lap 1. Danny of Team Wombat is opening up it though and will takes the win.

Josh Murray seems to have got hung up on something. He is free and working his way to the finish.

UPDATE 10:35

Rick Deremo and Ken Mercer are now putting it down. Ken is out front but just took a costly back up that let Rick catch back up.

Rick takes lap 1 but Ken is on the gas trying to track him down. Rick keeps the lead and takes the win.

UPDATE 10:40

Brian Shirly and Adam Carter are ready to see what they can do. Brian took 3rd in both the East and West divisions while Adam took 2nd in the East.

They are even coming out of turn 1, but Adam is opening up a nice lead.

Brian has caught back up though and the race is back on. Adam seems to be a lot quicker out of turn 1. Brian is hammering it but is about a car length short of catching Adam.

UPDATE 10:45

Rob Graft and Jason Aliff are no up. Jason Aliff must mean business today because he has the NAPA hat on top of the rig on backwards.

Jason has a big lead but Rob is putting the pedal down trying to catch him.

Jason takes the win fairly easy with over a half a lap lead.

The fans are really starting to fill up the park here.

UPDATE 10:50

Kim Sears of Rock Out Racing is now ready to go against Tim Cantrell.

Tim Cantrell just did a double front flip off the table top!! Kim Sears is going to be able to coast in for a win.

Tim is out of the rig and doing OK.

I hope Nolen got a shot of that for you guys!!

Kim is kicking back waiting for Tim to be cleared from the course.

Ran down to the MAXXIS trailer to see what happened to Bigelow. He broke the hiem on his ram. They got it fixed and will be back out for the next round.

UPDATE 11:05

Richie Keller and Levi Shirly are up and running the course.

Levi is working around his course with out much trouble or was until he got hung up on the rock climb.

UPDATE 11:10

Ralph Mills is up running solo.

They are stopped and seem to be having some problems. Ralph's spotter is running around like crazy trying to fix the problem.

Sounds like Ralph lost his battery cable. Talk about a simple thing causing a huge problem.

UPDATE 11:15

They switched lanes.

Chad just took out a banner on lane 2.

Dave Smith is seeing what he can do on lane 1.

Dave made it over the table top but I haven't seem him come out of turn 1.

Chad is out the finish with a smooth run.

I should have times from round 1 shortly.

Dave is back up and running. He has 1 minute to try to finish up his run.

UPDATE 11:25

Brad is putting down a nice run on lane 2.

Brandon just caught some nice air on the table top, but hit a banner in the process. The judges were suppose to stop him but let him go. I don't think anyone wanted to get in his way.

xrra000023.JPG xrra000025.JPG xrra000026.JPG xrra000027.JPG xrra000028.JPG xrra000029.JPG

UPDATE 11:30

Eric Holder and Brandon Haynes are ready to see what they can do.

In round 1 Brandon had the 2nd lowest time in lane 2 while Eric had a fairly good time in lane 1.

We haven't seen a sub 2 minute time in either lane today. I am sure it will happen here soon though.

Eric Holder is flying around lane 2. Was flying until he had to get a banner off his passenger front tire.

Brandon is moving but he might have a hard time seeing through all the dust.

Eric is coming up to the hill climb for the second time and again he got to the top and had to back up and pick a different line.

Brandon really kicked it up on lap 2 and came out the finish sideways.

UPDATE 11:35

JT shot off the line and over the table top like a rocket.

Ken Blume is bouncing around in the rocks after turn 1.

JT took some time getting around the rock climb and tree section.

Ken Blume took out a section of banners. That is going to cost him.

JT made the rock climb much smoother this time.

Ken Blume is stopped over on the backside of the course. The word is he blew a tranny. Let's hope that isn't the case because that would make that tranny number 2 in just a couple of months.

UPDATE 11:55

They almost have Kens rig out of the way so we can see Shannon and Doug Bigelow hit the course.

In round 1 Shannon put down a 2:19:75 run in lane 1 while Doug had trouble finishing the course due to his steering issue.

It should be interesting to see how hard Doug pushes.

Off they go with Shannon getting some nice air on the table top. He laying down a good time.

Doug Bigelow is running on a flat tire! Which is really slowing him down. He made it around the for the first lap but it is really slowing him down.

Shannon just finished up with a 1:59. The first sub 2 minute run on either course.

UPDATE 12:00

Rusty Bray is in lane 1 with Rob Bonney in lane 2.

After round 1 they are both sitting towards the front of the pack.

Rob is working his Rancho sponsored rig up the rock climb with out a problem .

Rusty Bray is going on lane 1 but his motor is missing pretty bad. It almost sounds like it is in limp mode.

Something is really wrong with Rusty because his spotter just went running across the course. His spotter moved some banners and Rusty is back up and running. He is pushing hard trying to make up some time.

UPDATE 12:05

Stan Haynes is in lane 1 with Mark Munson in lane 2. Stan put down a 2:42:47 in lane 2 earlier while Mark had a 3:09:56 in lane 1.

Mark is the first one to appear out of turn 1. Mark came up the rock climb easily but had to back up to keep out of the banners.

UPDATE 12:13

Roger is in a grove and just flying around lane 2. Oh he almost used a little to much throttle and nearly spun the rig into the banner on the top of the rock climb.

John Markovich is putting down a nice run on lane 1. He isn't putting down the fastest time but it will be good enough to make the finish line.

Stan is still fighting his way around the course with a driverside front tire. The flat tire really killed his turning and ended up taking out a banner on the last corner.

UPDATE 12:20

xrra000030.JPG xrra000031.JPG xrra000032.JPG

Josh Murray is just crawling around the course. It sounds like he is having some motor problems. He just stopped so his spotter could take a look at something on the rig.

Danny Rohrer isn't going a lot quicker in lane 1, but finished the course.

Josh Murray's rig is making some NASTY crunching noises. It looks like he lost power to the axle.

Mark is through the trees and out the finish gates.

UPDATE 12:25

Rick Deremo and Ken Mercer are both on the go peddle.

Rick is laying down one heck of run. He might be the 2nd person to break the 2 minute mark.

Ken Mercer just took out a banner and it looks like he has a low drivers front.

Rick finished up with a 2:06.

Ken Mercer timed out.

Creighton just came by to let us know that the tires are blowing, it's the wheels breaking and bending. Stan, Doug and Shirley all had wheels break.

UPDATE 12:30

Brian Shirley came across the flats bouncing off the rev. limiter.

Adam Carter isn't slacking kicking up the dust either as he finishes lap 1 sideways.

Brian Shirley is using every bit of motor as he raps it out across the finish line.

Adam Carter was right behind him, putting down a good run of his own.

UPDATE 12:35

Rob Graft is getting hung up on the rock climb.

Jason Aliff is quietly working his way around lane 1. I think Jason has the quietist rig out here today.

This time around Rob Graft took the perfect line up the rock climb.

Jason quietly worked his way around for what looked like a decent time.

UPDATE 12:40

It looks like Tim Cantrell wasn't able to get his rig back together after the nasty roll.

Kim Sears is working her solo run around the course. She is putting down a nice smooth run. Worked up the rock climb with out a problem.

Wow she made a nice save. That could have have been a nasty forward roll.

UPDATE 12:45

Levi Shirley and Richie Keller are now doing their 2 runs.

Richie is bouncing his way up the rock climb and on to lap 2.

Levi is also putting down another good lap. I think he is still running but I can't see through the dust!

Richie just got hung up on the rock climb. He worked it loose but took out a banner.

Ah there is Levi. He was just hiding in Richie's dust.

UPDATE 12:50

Ralph Mills is up. He went off the table top jump and lost his front driveline. He is trying to make it around the course with just rear wheel drive!!!

He is giving it heck but he just can't make the rock climb in 2 wheel drive.

xrra000033.JPG xrra000034.JPG xrra000035.JPG xrra000036.JPG

It is just a little dusty out here today.


Lunch is over and it is time to get back to the action.

The teams are now running the lanes in reverse.

Chad and Dave are finished with lap 1 and are on to lap 2.

I believe lane 2 is going to pretty slow. It has a loose dirt climb followed by the rock down hill.

xrra000037.JPG xrra000038.JPG xrra000039.JPG xrra000040.JPG


Brandon Haynes of Team Branik Motorsports is laying down a nice on lane 2.

Eric Holder isn't to bad himself, but slowed down going into the last lap on the first lap.

Brandon just tossed some time away by hitting the banner coming off the table top. He nearly took out Jocko!


Ken Blume wasn't able to get his rig repaired so JT Taylor will be running solo.

JT is making a clean easy run around lane 1. He is making a nice smooth run which should add up to a nice time.


Doug and Shannon are up ripping around the course.

Shannon and Doug are putting the wood to the floor!!

Doug just made the course marshals run off the top of the hill.

Doug put down a time of 2:08!


Rusty Bray fixed up his fan so he should be able to run it wide open for the whole run.

Rob Bonney is really moving around lane 1. He just did a nice wheelie stand up the rock climb.

Rusty Bray broke in the last turn of lap 1 and is calling for recovery. Word is he broke a front link which took out the front driveline.

xrra000041.JPG xrra000042.JPG xrra000043.JPG xrra000044.JPG


We have a little break here while they try to get Rusty off the course.

I think the crowd is just waiting for some major NASCAR style carnage.


Stan Haynes has his rim all fixed up and is trying to improve on his last run.

Mark Munson just made a nice first lap but came to a complete stop at the end of it. I think he forgot that he needed to do another lap.

Stan drop a nice time which should move him up a little bit.


Roger Lovell just rolled off the backside of the course!!

John markovich aired it out coming across the top of the course and took out a banner.

Roger is OK and back on all 4, but pulled off the course.


Josh Murray seems to have fixed the running issue he had earlier because he is moving around lane 2.

Danny Rohrer had a nice run going until he took a bad bounce and ran into a rock and broke something loose in the front end. Possibly a knuckle.


Ken Mercer gave up the drivers seat for this round and let Bender give a try.

Rick Deremo is smoking this course and finished with a 2:18

It took Bender a second to figure out the shifters but he seems to have got it going now.

Bender laid it down. He had Mercer's rig bouncing off the rev. limiter.


Brian Shirly and Adam Carter are really laying down the horsepower.

Brian gave it a little to much juice and pitched the rig sideways into the banner and had to take a back up.

Adam Carter shot up around the course with out trouble.

WOW this dust is getting so bad that on lap 2 we can barely see the rigs.

Brian Shirly had a great run going until he flipped over on the last corner.

xrra000045.JPG xrra000046.JPG xrra000047.JPG xrra000048.JPG xrra000049.JPG


Rusty Bray and crew are over at the MAXXIS trailer working to repair his rig. On his last run he broke a link bolt. He should have it ready to go for his next run.

Rob Graft and Jason Aliff are up now.

Rob Graft is laying down one of his best runs of the day.

Jason Aliff saved a sure roll while come down the rock wall.

Jason is stopped and out of the buggy. He glanced at the front of the rig and tossed his helmet in frustration. It looks like the panhard mount pulled away from the frame.


Kim Sears just came to a stop at the top of the first climb. Droopy is under the rig trying to see what it is. After a great day it looks like team RockOut racing broke a front spindle and will need to be towed off the course.

Ralph Mills is leaking something and is smoking pretty good.

xrra000050.JPG xrra000051.JPG


Levi Shirley and Richie Keller just put down a couple of nice runs.

Oppsy the I guess the genarator needs gas to run. The live stream should be back up in a second.


It's time to start the final round.

Chad Burchik and Dave smith just laid down some nice times.

Brad Lovell and Tony Rietdorf are now up. Brad is really opening up the motor in the Fabtech Ford. He might break the 2 minute mark.

Chad Burchik caught fire on the last corner.

Brad just put down the best time of the day of a 1:56. That should put a little pressure on Shannon.


JT Taylor just finished up another very nice run.

Shannon Campbell is up to see if he can do better then Brad's 1:56.

Doug Bigelow is staying right with him though.

John Combs from Plant Flash just dropped off a video of Brad Lovell's last run. I have it uploading for you guys right now.

Shannon Campbell just put down the fastest time of the day. A 1:51!!


Rusty Bray is fixed up and cooking around the course.

Rob Bonney took out a tire on his way down the rocks.

The video is right here.


Mark Munson just made a nice save coming down the rock face.

Stan Haynes did a nice job of improving his chances of making it into the shoot out.


Roger Lovell is lined up trying to make up for going off course earlier.

John Markovich just took out the banner going around the first corner.

Roger is really hung up on the down hill rock section. I wonder if knows his rear locker isn't on.

John took out another rim but it doesn't seem to be slowing him down much.

Natalie is out of the rig and stacking rocks trying to get Roger free. He got off the rock but ran out of time.

xrra000052.JPG xrra000053.JPG


Rick Deremo and Ken Mercer are back out flying around the course.

These 2 guys have been putting down nice clean runs all day.

I can't tell if Ken is just taking it easy or if something wrong with his rig. Something has to be wrong because he just pulled his rig off the course.

Rick just finished up his run with a nice powerslide.


Brian Shirley is up for his last run. Let's hope he keeps it on all 4 or at least roll it over some place we can all see.

Adam Carter is laying down plenty of dust himself. He made short work of the hill climb and is working his way around the backside.


Jason Aliff got his link reattached and is bouncing around the course.

Rob Graft is jamming through the gears tearing his way around. I think he just made his quickest run of the day.

Jason Aliff is pretty much stopped on the backside. Not sure what is wrong but his spotter is out of the rig. Sounds like the link mount they fixed ripped off again.



Kim Sears is fixed up and putting a nice run down.

Here is a video of Shannon Campbell's run from Planet Flash.

Levi Shirley and Richie Keller on the course finishing up the last round before the shoot out.


We will be on a 10 minute break while they figure out the final 6!


The final 6 are set:

JT Taylor
Brad Lovell
Shannon Campbell
Rick Deremo
Adam Carter
Richie Keller

Richue Keller and JT Taylor are going to start us off.


JT is kicking his spotter out of the rig to grab the banner that got tangled in the front tire.

Richie Keller is keeping his smooth driving.

Wow it is so dusty that I can barely tell where these 2 are at.

LOL JT's co-driver gently lifted the banner as he made the turn at the top of the rocky climb.

JT finished with a 2:36 and Richie came in with a 2:38.


Adam Carter and Rick Deremo and now doing their runs.

Deremo just floated his rig around the last corner of his first lap.

Adam Carter is really moving as he jumps across the finish line.


Brad and Shannon are now up to do battle. These guys times have been with in seconds of each other all day.

Lovell seems to have a quicker run going but Shannon can make that buggy of his fly.

They both caught same nice air off the table top.

Shannon is behind Brad and has to deal with some major dust.

Brad finished his run first but we will have to wait to hear the times.

Brad finished with a 1:57. Shannon completed his run with a 2:08


Richie Keller is leaving JT Taylor in the dust. JT just isn't running at the speeds we have been use to seeing.

Richie Keller is out the exit gate and done for today.

JT was able to finish the course but it was a pretty easy run for Mr Hollywood.


Alex Carter and Rick Deremo are staged.

Rick is really kicking up on the this run. I would guess that it will be his quickest run of the day.

Alex must not want to be out done by Rick because he is laying it down to.

Wow i don't think Rick had all 4 tires going inline the whole time because he finished up with a 1:51!!


We are down to the last race of the day. Brad vs. Shannon. This should be one heck of a race.

Brad is staged but Natalie just ran up and pulled the hood off. Not sure what was wrong but they have the hood back on.

Off they go. Shannon has that L7 rapped out and flying.

It's Brad's turn to eat dust.

Ut oh Shannon got hung up on the rock climb and let Brad back in.

Shannon is free and on it even harder.

Brad is trying to keep pace but Shannon just seems to have his game on.

Brad comes across the finish a good 10 seconds.

Shannon Campbell pulls it off and is the 2008 XRRA US Champion.

In a strange twist Shannon rolled over on his victory lap. At least he saved it until the race was over.

Congratulations Shannon Campbell!!

xrra000055.JPG xrra000056.JPG xrra000057.JPG xrra000058.JPG xrra000059.JPG

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