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XRRA East - Gray Rock ORV Park, Alabama
Story and photos by Nolen Grogan the Rock Midget


The main event ended as the sun began to dip behind the trees. New to XRRA in 2008 is the shootout. The top fastest times are tallied and the top six teams are able to make one run per course to decided the overall champion. Since the second direction seemed to have the most finishers, the XRRA crew decided to keep the course just like the last run of the day. The top 6 contenders going into the finals were:

  • Adam Carter-#315 in his 5.3l moonbuggy on its first trip
  • Derek West-#200 in his new 3.8l Jimmy's 4x4 chassis
  • Danny Rohrer-#425 in the new and improved Wombat powered by a 3.4l V6 on its first trip
  • Rusty Bray-#254 in his new LS1 moonbuggy on its first trip
  • Josh Murray-#29 in his new Rockware LS1 moonbuggy
  • Brandon Hayes-#518 debuting his new Branik Motorsports chassis

Six excellent drivers in new rigs. This is testimony to the quality of the drivers that made it.

Josh Murray and Brandon Hayes led off with a blistering pace through the course. Most of the lines had been figured out and the holes were filling in, so time were getting faster and faster. Next up was Danny Rohrer and Derek West. These two V6 powered buggy's made the course look easy. They smoked through in each lane getting even faster times.

Rusty Bray squared off against Adam Carter as the final pair. A stuck throttle and a DNF had Rusty looking for Derek and Danny to make a mistake, yet so far they had not done so. Adam was still in 3WD, but he wanted to get in and try the course. These two V8 moon buggies blasted off the line and Rusty ended up with the fastest time of the day on lane 2 at 1:54. Adam struggled to get uphill in both lanes, but not having help from his drivers front tire simply made the task impossible.

The mistakes the reigning East Coast XRRA champ needed to happen did not come about. Derek and Danny ran side-by-side to the finish with even faster times. Danny Rohrer seemed just as comfortable in his new rig as he did the original Wombat

Derek nailed the last climb on his 37" BFG Krawlers

Dark was settling in as we walked to the Gray Rock OHV Pavilion for the final scores and awards.

The award ceremony was simple and fast. XRRA rewarded all 6 finalist with cash and trophies.

Congratulations to the the XRRA staff for another excellent event. Also, super job to all the support staff including the Hardline Crawlers and CAOS clubs in the Birmingham area for recovery, parking and crowd control.

John Markovich won the XRRA "Alter your Ego" Award for his insane driving.

Levi Shirley won the driver's raffle and a nice hoist winch from Warn.

  • Sixth place went to Brandon Haynes of Team Branik Motorsports
  • Two DNFs in the shootout pushes Adam Carter to 5th place.
  • Josh Murray used steady driving and teamwork to land his Rockware buggy in 4th place
  • Rusty Bray found his way in third place in spite of his DNF on the last run of the main event
  • Danny Rohrer used consistent skills and a great new buggy to finish 2nd
  • Derek West's move from Stock Mod to this new Jimmy's 4x4 buggy is obviously a good move as he brings in the win!

Now that you've seen all the action at one of these event, check out XRRA.com and get out and enjoy and event near you!

Rock Midget www.rockmidgetphotography.com

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