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XRRA Gray Rock, AL
Event #1 of the XRRA East Series

Story and Photos by Nolen Grogan and Nate Scott


XRRA Gray Rock - Sunday (05/03/2009)

6:30Live coverage coming up shortly!
7:08We're back! Welcome to Pirate 4x4's live coverage of XRRA Grayrock. We had several good rain showers here last night so the track is wet. No rain right now but the forecast isn't too promising.
7:12What type of spring - shock setup is best for an XRRA event?
Conventional Air Shock( 2% )
Air Struts (ORI type)( 87% )
Coilover( 11% )
Leaf Springs( 0% )
7:55The National Anthem has been sang, racing is coming up soon!
7:57First up is Joel Withers of Team Camco and Brandon Haynes of Team Branik.
8:02Lane one is gonna be nasty today! It was tough yesterday but with the wet conditions it really slowed Joel down. He got hung up a rock ledge but was able to throttle over it after a few attempts. Brandon had a good run with the exception of a little trouble on a slick uphill cilmb. Mud is gonna be a factor today for sure.
8:02Tony Reitdorf of Branik and Derek West of Crush Motorsports are running now...
8:03Tony is fighting the ledge on lane one - - - just popped up!
8:05Derek (yesterday's champ) hand another clean run.
8:05Brian Shirley of Luck Dog Racing and Adam Carter of Team ORC are ripping it around the course in their moon buggies!
8:06Brian cut the LS loose and popped up the Lane 1 ledge.
8:07As Adam Carter was about to cross the finish line his front passenger wheel fell off!
8:08Will Carter of Team Indy Fab and Greg Stone of Stone Cold Racing are up next...
8:12Like everyone else, Will is fighting the L1 Ledge. Greg is high centered on the L2 rock garden. Will finished with a solid run, Greg is still hung up on the ledge but fighting it hard.
8:13Greg made it out but will likely get a 5min time for the run.
8:14Next up is Tim Cantrell of Team Cantrell and Shawn Fisher of Team 1%er...
8:18Tim had a great run in Lane 1 - possibly the cleanest Lane 1 run yet. Shawn was looking smooth and fast but got hung up for a bit in the L2 rock garden.
8:19Stan Haynes of Branik is running solo now, Travis Watford of Team Watford isn't running today.
8:20Stan pulled off the course and is smoking a bit - something broke.
8:23Dave Smith of Team Lucky Dog and Adam Woodlee of Wide Open designs are running now. Adam tried a new line through the tough L2 rock garden but it didn't work for him. He is letting the v8 scream right now trying to break loose. Dave slid of course in a muddy side hill spot and got into the banners. Looks like both will be DNF's.
8:25Dan McDonald of Team Lucky Dog and Levi Shirley of Team Lucky Dog are up now...
8:32Levi schooled the L2 rock garden and had a really strong run. Dan had a great run in L1 also. These guys were fast!
8:33Danny Rohrer of Team Wombat and Ken Blume of Team Rock Rod are on the course now..
8:34Two smooth problem free runs - they made it look easy!
8:34Buddy Daugherty of Rock Hard Racing and Jason Ailiff of Kamikaze Racing just started.
8:36Jason made a clean pass through the L2 rock garden and Buddy didn't have much trouble on the L1 ledge. Two more smooth runs.
8:36Nazir Adam of Team Adam and John Markovich of Marko customs are running...
8:38Nazir had a nice clean run - he popped right up the L1 ledge. John was caught up in the L2 rock garden and tipped it.
8:39Kevin Crews of Crews Motorsports is up next running solo...
8:43Kevin got hung up for a bit on the nasty L1 sidehill corner but made it over the L1 ledge without much trouble.
8:43Heat one is done, Joel Withers and Brandon Haynes are running now
8:46Joel tried to sneak around the side of the L2 rock garden but got hung up as he was exiting. Brandon didn't have any major trouble and finished with a solid run.
8:46Tony Reitdorf and Derek West are running...
8:48Derek made a nearly perfect run, Tony is high centered in the L2 rock garden. Tony's spotter is stacking rocks for him.
8:49It took some tire smoke but Tony is loose. However, he timed out.
8:50Brian Shirley and Adam Carter are blasting around the course now...
8:51Brian had a fast and clean run! Adam is looking great too...
8:52Now we have Will Carter and Greg Stone...
8:57Greg caught a dirt wall and it tuned him sideways but he pulled off a great save and finished with a nice run. Will had a little trouble in the L2 rock garden but still looked good.
8:57Tim Cantrell and Shawn Fisher are running...
8:59Both drivers had some challenges this run but they did an excellent job of working through them and pulling out two solid runs.
9:03Stan Haynes is running solo now. Like many others, he chose the outside line in the L2 rock garden and made it work for him. He just got hung up on a slick uphill climb and something snapped - he lost his passenger front drive, now and is on it hard trying to pop up the hill. He lost the other side in the front now so it looks like he will time out with just rear wheel drive.
9:04I see Nolen headed this way, we may have pics soon.
9:09Up next is Dave Smith and Adam Woodlee...
9:11Adam looked good in L1, nice run! Dave is hung up on the L2 rock garden.
9:12Dave tipped it while trying to take the outside line.
9:18Levi Shirley and Dan McDonald are are running...
9:20Levi had another fast run - on the bump box as usual! Dan is having trouble with the L2 garden, looks like he is down to 3 wheel drive. Heavy throttle got him through but now he is stuck on an uphill climb - just lost the other front axle and he will time out.
9:21Dan is showing that thing NO MERCY as he is trying to get off the course in 2wd.
9:25Danny Rohrer and Ken Blume are running now...
9:27Ken took a bad bounce on the L1 ledge and nearly flipped. He recovered and popped right up on the second try to finish a good run. Danny made quick work of the L2 garden and finished with a real nice run.
9:27Jason Ailiff and Buddy Daugherty are running now...
9:29Jason just made the L1 ledge look easy and finished with a good run. Buddy had to back up a few times but had a solid run as well.
9:30Nazir Adam and John Markovich are running now...
9:33Nazir made it through the L2 garden clean and finished well, John is fighting the L1 ledge, so far the ledge is winning. There he goes! Heavy throttle and a right side line got him up. WOAH!!!! John was blasting up the last hill and caught a tree. It spun him around hard and flipped him over. He is out and okay...
9:40Kevin Crews is running, he had a little trouble in the L2 rock garden - looks like he lost drive in his front right. He just tipped it on an uphill climb - got a small fire. He is out and okay.
9:50Damn, looks like I loaded some old pics! I'll get it fixed... We are finished with Heat 2, Heat three is starting soon!
9:57 preview24.png
9:58Joel Withers and Brandon Haynes just finished, Joel had a little trouble in the L2 garden but it was smooth sailing for Brandon.
9:58Tony Reitdorf and Derek West are up next, this was an excellent run for both of them!
9:59Brian Shirley and Adam Carter also had great, smooth runs!
10:00Will Carter and Greg Stone just finished, two more smooth and fast runs. The course must be drying out a bit and they are now running in the opposite direction.
10:01Tim Cantrell just had a fast and clean run. Shawn Fisher also logged another solid run, looks like he is trying to make up for yesterdays problems.
10:01 preview24.png
10:03Stan Haynes couldn't run so next up was Dave Smith and Adam Woodlee. Dave had a fast run, Adam looked nice and consistent.
10:03 preview24.png
10:05Levi is running solo, looks like Dan was unable to get his rig fixed. No problems at all for Levi, the supercharged 3.8 is screaming!
10:06 preview24.png
10:06 preview24.png
10:07Ken Blume and Danny Rohrer are on the course now...
10:07 preview24.png
10:08No drama in that run either. Danny and Ken both finished strong!
10:08 preview24.png
10:09 preview24.png
10:10Buddy Daugherty and Jason Ailiff are running...
10:11Buddy high-centered in the L2 garden but was able to break free and finished with a decent run. Jason looks like he will put another smooth run on the books too.
10:12 preview24.png
10:13 preview24.png
10:14 preview24.png
10:15 yluYJhpxLB_thumb_IMG_9967.jpg preview24.png
10:15 preview24.png
10:17Nazir Adam and John Markovich are on the course now...
10:18Nazir finished with few problems, John was held up in a few spots but was able to work through it and finish with a decent run.
10:19 preview24.png
10:20 preview24.png
10:20 preview24.png
10:21Kevin Crews is our final round three competitor - he had a smooth run too. Looks like the times are going to be tight!
10:21 preview24.png
10:22Brandon Haynes and Joel Withers are running now...
10:22Two more fast runs!
10:34Racer Name / heat 1 time / heat 2 time
Joel Withers / 2 / 3:59
Brandon Haynes / 1:32 / 1:55
Tony Reitdorf / 1:49 / 5
Derek West / :52 / :53
Brian Shirley / 1:09 / 2:44
Adam Carter / 1:16 / :58
Will Carter / 1:23 / 1:31
Greg Stone / 5 / 1:16
Tim Cantrell / 1:14 / 1:19
Shawn Fisher / 2:10 / 1:23
Stan Haynes / 5 / 5
Dave Smith / 5 / 5
Adam Woodlee / 5 / 1:03
Dan McDonald / 1:13 / 5
Levi Shirley / :47 / 1:11
Danny Rohrer / 1:05 / 1:09
Ken Blume / 1:01 / 1:20
Buddy Daugherty / 1:23 / 1:28
Jason Ailif / 1:11 / 1:19
Nazir Adam / 1:12 / 1:17
John Markovich / 5 / 5
Kevin Crews / 1:48 / 5
10:36Things are moving fast here now!!! We are halfway through the fourth heat now and everyone has been fast and smooth. No flips, crashes, fires, etc for the last several races - just smooth driving.
10:39Dave Smith and Adam Woodlee are at the line now...
10:40 preview24.png
10:40 preview24.png
10:42Man, Adam's buggy sounds good when he's in the throttle! Adam and Dave had smooth runs.
10:43Levi is running solo right now
10:44Levi is smooth - you'd think he has been doing this for years! A good run for Levi.
10:44Ken Blume and Danny Rohrer are running...
10:45 preview24.png
10:47I hate saying the same thing over and over but that was two more smooth runs - Ken and Danny made quick work of it. Everyone has a sense of urgency toady as we are working hard to get this race finished before the rain finishes it for us!
10:47Buddy Daugherty and Jason Ailif are running...
10:48That may have been one of Buddy's best runs. Jason looked great too.
10:49Nazir Adam and John Markovich are running...
10:51John got caught on a tree and had to back down and try again - on his second attempt he caught the tree again and flipped! He recovered but it sounds like he broke something in the driveline while preparing for his third attempt up the hill.
11:04Racer Name / heat 1 time / heat 2 time
Joel Withers / 2 / 3:59 / 3:23 / 1:02
Brandon Haynes / 1:32 / 1:55 / 1:12 / 1:02
Tony Reitdorf / 1:49 / 5 / 2:46 / :55
Derek West / :52 / :53 / :55 / :42
Brian Shirley / 1:09 / 2:44 / :46 / :47
Adam Carter / 1:16 / :58 / :52 / :39
Will Carter / 1:23 / 1:31 / :56 / :53
Greg Stone / 5 / 1:16 / 2:56 / :47
Tim Cantrell / 1:14 / 1:19 / :49 / :57
Shawn Fisher / 2:10 / 1:23 / 1:04 / 1:13
Stan Haynes / 5 / 5 / 6 / 6
Dave Smith / 5 / 5 / 1:00 / 1:07
Adam Woodlee / 5 / 1:03 / 1:10 / 3:04
Dan McDonald / 1:13 / 5 / 6 / 6
Levi Shirley / :47 / 1:11 / :59 / :44
Danny Rohrer / 1:05 / 1:09 / :56 / 1:15
Ken Blume / 1:01 / 1:20 / :59 / :46
Buddy Daugherty / 1:23 / 1:28 / 5 / 5:58
Jason Ailif / 1:11 / 1:19 / 1:28 / :57
Nazir Adam / 1:12 / 1:17 / 1:06 / 1:02
John Markovich / 5 / 5 / 2:22 / 5
Kevin Crews / 1:48 / 5 / (wasn't finished when we recorded the times)
11:08The finals have been announced! Tim Cantrell, Danny Rohrer, Adam Carter , Ken Blume, Derek West, Levi Shirley.
11:09 preview24.png
11:10 preview24.png
11:11 preview24.png
11:12 preview24.png
11:13Danny Rohrer is running against Tim Cantrell for the two lap finals. The rain is coming down hard!
11:16The course is already getting slick, Danny and Tim had to do a few back ups but managed to pull out decent runs. I'd say that Tim laid down a real solid time.
11:16Ken Blume and Adam Carter are at it now - the rain is coming down even harder!
11:18Both guys finished without incident. HEAVY THROTTLE is required for these muddy climbs now.
11:19Levi Shirley and Derek West are running...
11:19Levi slid sideways on a sidehill and had to get turned around.
11:20 preview24.png
11:21The wet conditions didn't seem to effect Derek much at all. Levi had a good run except for the spin out.
11:22Tim Cantrell and Danny Rohrer are up again now...
11:22 preview24.png
11:23 preview24.png
11:24Cantrell is running solo, Danny didn't make it to the line...
11:25 preview24.png
11:25 preview24.png
11:27Tim's motor died on him - he just got it fired back up and barely crossed the finish line with a sputtering motor and a flat tire.
11:27Ken Blume and Adam Carter are running now...
11:27 preview24.png
11:28They are looking fast on the first lap - the mud is flying everywhere!
11:28 preview24.png
11:29 preview24.png
11:30Good runs for both competitors!
11:30 preview24.png
11:31Derek West and Levi Shirley are running...
11:31 preview24.png
11:33Levi had a sweet run, Derek showed us that he is actually human by finally making a small mistake. Derek still had a nice run though.
11:33 CCtOA5Niue_thumb_IMG_0164.jpg preview24.png
11:34 preview24.png
11:39It is still raining hard and I keep losing my internet connection so that is it for pics today. Check the Gallery later for many more pics by Nolen Grogan. We will have the final results as soon as they are ready!
11:55The wet Alabama clay is causing a lot of trouble for everyone here. Lots of people are finding that they aren't going anywhere without a tow rope hooked on. The Grayrock 2 1/2 ton military truck is getting a workout pulling tow rigs out of the mud.
12:05Looks like they are about to get started with the awards ceremony.
12:191st - Derek West
2nd - Levi Shirley
3rd - Adam Carter
4th - Ken Blume
5th - Tim Cantrell
6th - Danny Rohrer

That's it for Pirate 4x4's live coverage of XRRA Grayrock 2009. Thanks to Nolen Grogan for the great pics and thanks to Michael Scott and Mike Braddock for helping me keep up with the action. Thanks to everyone who offered T-Shirts and food for our coverage assistance. This is Nate Scott (aka Scotty X) signing off!


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