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XRRA Rock Racing - Moab, UT April 15, 2006
Press Release by XRRA Staff
Photos by Lance Clifford


The Xtreme Rock Racing Association held its 2006 Season Opener for the National Series Points Race in Moab, Utah with over 6,000 cheering fans in attendance. The teams of the XRRA went all out!

Rob Bonney putting on a hell of a show

The event included all the elements that will make Xtreme Rock Racing the premier off-road motorsport of the future. From huge jumps, to high speed wide open sections, to technical climbs that put some teams on their roofs - the XRRA Drivers showed why they are the best in the nation. With world wide print and television media on hand to cover the event, watch for Xtreme Rock Racing on your favorite motorsport programs or in major off-road publications.

"The weekend was a great success, the fans provided the energy to the drivers and the teams responded with non-stop action and skilled technical driving never before seen in any off-road motorsport. We were very happy to see that Speedvision, Current TV, Superlift TV, DirtSports magazine, Pirate 4X4, Off-Road.com, Crawl Magazine and many others came to cover the event and all are guaranteeing their return. Our staff, our fans and our teams make us wish we could do this every weekend. We are excited about our next stop of the series in Colorado Springs, Colorado - June 3rd," said Michael Weaver - founder of the XRRA.

The XRRA is the premier sanctioning body of Rock Racing and with the support of our sponsors - Toyo Tires (Title Sponsor), KMC Wheels (The Official Wheel), Rancho Suspension (The Official Suspension), Poison Spyder Customs, Warn Winch (The Official Winch), Premier Power Welder, Dyno-mite Diesel, Moab 4X4 Outpost, Jimmy's 4X4 Outback, Monster Energy Drink, and BFE Films we will be bringing Rock Racing to your town soon.

For more information on Xtreme Rock Racing, go to www.RockRace.com.

Final Times 2006 Xtreme Rock Race season opener:

1st place Shannon Campbell #35 9:04
2nd Place Nate Williams #44 9:48
3rd Place Weston Blackie #781 10:00
4th Place Brice Rogers # 24/7 10:05
5th Place Jason Berger #414 10:37
6th Place Becca Webster #88 11:12
7th Place Craig Stumph #16 11:18
8th Place Aaron Dosenbery 12:29
9th Place H. Crash Beene #10 12:47
10th Place JT Taylor #13 14:08
11th Place Rick Deremo #33 17:32
12th Place Josh Ayres #722 19:51
13th Place Robert Lucero #2 20:24
14th Place Steve Nantz #51 20:29
15th Place Rob Bonney 23:18
16th Place Peter Wells #77 24:03
17th Place Mike McClure #26 24:53
18th Place Creighton King #5 27:03
19th Place Dave Smith #21 35:22
20th Place Tony Floyd #86 35:57
21st Place Derek Trent #22 37:52
22nd Place RJ Brown #555 43:06
23rd Place Jason Feuilly #333 43:26
24th Place Mike Stadler 46:45
25th Place Tim Powell /Sam Patton 48:00

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