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Xterra SAS

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Hey, I know this is going to sound gay but...

My buddy has an Xterra and he was digging my EB rock crawler project. I told him we could SAS his, lift it up a bit, lock it and put some skiis on it and it'd be good to go.

He's down but he's looking to keep his ABS... I don't know nothing about no stinking ABS... Idears?

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You might be able to adapt the existing parts. The ABS sensor basically counts the notches in the tone ring attached to the hub. The tone rings are cheap around $5 each if I remember right. It's a press fit on the back side of the Nissan hub. You might be able to weld it onto whatever hub you end up using and then it's just lengthening the harness to get the sensor relocated.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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