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Xterra SAS

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Hey, I know this is going to sound gay but...

My buddy has an Xterra and he was digging my EB rock crawler project. I told him we could SAS his, lift it up a bit, lock it and put some skiis on it and it'd be good to go.

He's down but he's looking to keep his ABS... I don't know nothing about no stinking ABS... Idears?

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ABS works great on-road, sucks off-road. My buddy drives like 120 miles per day for work, so it would need to keep the good handling characteristics of stock.

No big tires and not huge lift. 35's and a few inches of lift would do just fine. He doesn't need to run the box, just have some fun.

Thanks for all of the responses!

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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