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Yamaha Terra Pro pto items....

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anyone got any of these pto items? I have the finish mower, hydro pack, and tiller.....I would like to know if anyone has any of the other ones. I would love to buy them or trade for them...This is the best farm ATV I have ever had and I have had it since 1996. If you are a terra pro fan let me know. :cool2:
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Terra Pro items

Lady and Son, a tractor and equipment supply company in Bluff City, Tennessee have a couple of sprayers. They are the type that the tank straps to the rack on back and have the pto driven pump. They were in the $300+ neighbor hood, so I just bought the $89 battery powered type at Tractor Supply. I may have the company wrong, the next door neighbor is Lady and King. Same set-up, different brother. Terra-pro's are something else, I'm thinking of buying another one. :rolleyes:
I am a Yamaha Terrapro fan. I recently learned about these awesome 4 wheelers and lucked into a real nice one. It looks like it just came off the showroom floor! It has only been used to mow a yard since it was purchased new. It came with a finish mower. It was always kept in a shed and even the seat has no cracks in it yet. Man this guy took excellent care of it.

I'm looking for a tiller and bush hog. I would love to collect all of the attachments someday. Man they are hard to find. What is a hydro pack? I saw on Yamaha that they could run a finish mower, bush hog, tiller, post hole digger and a 40' pull behind sprayer. Is there more that they could run?

Do you know of any tillers for sale or any other attachments for that matter. I figure they are in a barn somewhere just collecting dust. They would be nice to plant food plots back where tractors can't go. Anyway I'm excited about my Terrapro and glad to find someone else that is as well!

Fellow Terrapro FAN!

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The hydro pack is a 2000 psi 11gpm hydro pump for the pto and a tank for it that rack mounts. I had it to run a post hole drigger.
Does anyone have any yamaha terrapro attachments that they could sell me? Do you know of anyone that I can contact in order to do so? Thanks.
Anyone Happen To Know How To Obtain Parts For A 1988 Yamaha Terrapro Pto? Picked Up One From An Estate Sale With Attachments. Rides Great.
Terra pro parts

:phi i have a running terra pro i am going to part out anybody need any parts email me [email protected]
Speaking of terra pros, I have a good friend of mine who has one with the finish mower that he uses to mow his lawn. He seems to only be able to get about an hour worth of mowing on the belts that run the pto. Other than that, he loves the thing.

Any thoughts?
I have been using the terra-pro for almost 20 years now. I use the mower deck and the bush hog deck. Love it
I also have a TerraPro with the Finish cut. Great machine.

I am looking for any atachments - I would like to have a rough cut deck.
TerraPro Owner

I own two great running TerraPros one I have the brush hog on the other the finish mower. I live in Wa. near Portland Or. I found my first TerraPro on Craigs list in Portland the second one I found on Maryland Craigslist and had it shipped to me. I found a brand new snowblower in Canada still in its original crate for $500 but passed on it as we do not get enough snow to justify buying it but I would like to have the tiller attachment if any one has one for sale Please email me @ [email protected] Thanks.....Roger
Terrapro tiller

My father has two Terrapro's. He is looking for a tiller. Contact at
email [email protected]

terrapro for sale

I just found this site and would like you folks know I have a terrapro with the bush hog type mower for sale. If there is any interest email [email protected]. Thanks
1988 Terra Pro PTO cable

Was recently out mowing with our Terra Pro and the PTO excellerator (has the rabbit and turtle picture next to it) cable broke. We are unsure of where the end of it attaches so we were wondering if someone could take a picture of there's and email it to us? Would really appreciate your time and effort. We absolutely love our quad and all that it does for us around our property. Thanks in advance :D
My hubby buys the belts from a john deer tractor outfit close by our house. He also occ. has to retighten the belts due to the jarring while riding around on it while it mows. Let us know if you need any help with tightening the belts on yours. My hubby makes it look easy.
mudhogg, can you give me the ID# of the belts your hubby is using on the PTO drive ? I am using Gates B29 but they only last for one season of cutting. What is everyone else using ??
Purchased a Terrapro 2 years ago with several attachments, Snowplow, bush hog mower, tiller and front weights. My Dad use it to mow, about 3 acres, loves it.

The only issue I currently have is with the tiller. When purchsed, the driven gear in the lift is stripped. The drive gear is steel and the driven gear is plastic. Been unable to locate one. Any suggestions??
I just found this site and would like you folks know I have a terrapro with the bush hog type mower for sale. If there is any interest email [email protected]. Thanks
88 Yamaha Terrapro

I'm looking for a snowblower attachment for my terrapro. I my be interested in trading it for a four wheel drive atv with a plow if I can not find a blower. I have a finish cut mower both bike and mower are in good shape.
I'm lookingfor Yamaha TerraPro with all attachments - all good working. If You have it to sell write to mi GG 8660011 or [email protected]. I am from Poland.
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