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Mini Truck/4Runner

85 sfa inner axles 1 long 1 short $50 OBO!

Taco Parts

2011 stock trd bilsteins all 4 corners and stock front coils $250? Obo

whining 2.7 steering pump $5

2000 Taco washer reservoir good condition $35

'05+ Taco rear Bilstein TRD shocks 6k miles - make offer.
48530-AD050 apprx 8.5" travel
i have 2 off an '07 Tacoma

'06 Tundra rear TRD Bilstein shocks 11k miles - make offer.
48531-AF122 apprx 9.5" travel
i have 2 off an '06 Tundra

'05+ Taco front skid - make offer

2000 Taco rear bumper couple dents $25

FZJ80 Parts -

HP 8" elocker 3rd stock 4.10's motor works - $675

OEM front radius arms $150 OBO! make offer!

stock shafts complete set - SOLD

front elocker housing $250 obo

ABS knuckles $150pr obo

wheel hubs $100pr obo

spindles SOLD

tie rod $100 obo

Front OEM Coils $110 shipped CONUS

Rear OEM Coils SOLD

drive flanges SOLD

upper trunion $make offer

LH steering arm $make offer

front ABS harness only (no sensors) $make offer

misc brakelines, hardlines, union $make offer

front sway bar $make offer

used knuckle studs, nuts, washers, cone washers
hub studs, nuts, washers, cone washers
spindle bolts, hub/rotor bolts, wiper plate bolts
various nuts, bolts, etc. $make offer
this axle was/is complete, ask, I'll see if I have it.

FZJ80 Rear 9.5" 4.10 ring and pinion - $make offer

pinion flange - $25 obo

Rear FZJ80 panhard - $make offer

I have OEM Toyota FZJ80 rear elocker gasket and FF shaft gaskets - $make offer.

Other Stuff

Dodge Ram 2500 (not sure of year, I have part number) Fabtech 6" front lift Coils - make offer

synthetic rattling antlers $5

Tony Lama CZ877 Boots Blems 9.5EE
-never worn just factory new blems -will let go for $175 boo

I have a Cabela's Guide Model Fanny Pack 3D MO Camo-$50 OBO
this pic is the same minus the 3D (leafy) camo
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