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Yes still a FF or else I'd just get a small 14b, but is that all thats involved is to just redrilling? Tell me more!! especially cost factor, a machine shop could do it eh? <IMG SRC="smilies/bounce2.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/bounce2.gif" border="0">

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the outer diameter of the full-float dana 60
rear hub is too large for use with a 6-bolt
lug pattern. You would have to remove material from the outer diameter of the hub
and open-up the inner diameter of the wheels.
THen what happens if you ever needed to borrow a wheel from somebody....uh oh..

On the other hand, the 14bolt full-float
rear hub is (I think 4.25") in diameter.
You might be able to remove some material
from the outer diameter of the full float
hub and redrill the hub. Take in mind that
some of the original 8-hole locations will
be in the way of your new pattern (6-bolt)
so now some of those holes will need to be
plugged. since you're going to this much
trouble, you might as well plug all the
holes. If you have alot of time, and a lathe
at home or work, go for it... But if you're
gonna have to pay for this work, it would be
cheaper to go 8 lug....
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