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I have a 94 yj front axle is SOA with a 44 on rancho 40044 springs which pull the front end up 2 inches I was gonna do the same in the back but I got thinking with that height maybe I should stretch the wheel base so I was thinking about XJ springs in the rear. Basically I boiled my options down and this is what Im at now

1. Rancho 44044s all around on 1 inch shackles soa

2. Rancho 44044s front and xj springs in rear

3.(didnt know if these would even work) Rear xj springs in front with full hydro steering and rancho 44044s in rear

Either way I do it with the xj springs, it would give me a good front or rear approach angle

If anyone has done this or know someone who has I would like to hear your personal expierience and how it worked(pros/cons)
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