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YJ-based, "go-fast" Juggy build

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Earlier this year, it started to become obvious that my current rig had somewhat reached the ceiling as far as upgrades went. Indeed my rig really worked well for me all year, and there were no glaring problems that needed to be addressed. It just worked, in rock sand mud trails etc - so, it is kind of "done" for now (crazy as that sounds).

This thread, near the end, has many pictures of it and its wild engine:


I had back-halved it, and added many go-fast components in 2008 in an attempt at the whole KOH thing. Well for various reasons that did not pan out for me, BUT it gave me all year to come up with ideas and some better direction for what MY personal version of the ideal racing buggy would consist of. I had already built a new Jeep stroker engine in anticipation of building a racing buggy, here is the thread where I go through that process:


So about 4 months ago I started gathering parts and planning for a buggy build (who needs money, can't take it with you right?) - things progressed, and here we are. Yesterday I put my beloved Heep in storage for a couple months, and last night I cleaned and organized my home shop in anticipation of this new project:

Today I drove 250 miles to the big city to see my good buddy "xtremeXJ94" and grab my "core" for the buggy. When his XJ is in one piece, it is one mighty machine. Nice guy that he is - he already had the YJ mostly stripped and ready for final disassembly:

My plan is to use the critical dimensions of the YJ as a base for the new buggy. In the end the buggy needs to fit me and a passenger comfortably - and also LOOK like a YJ. I'm personally not a big fan of buggies that don't resemble some type of passenger vehicle. I figure that if I incorporate a YJ grill, hood and front tub - it probably will resemble a YJ when I am done. Additionally, for racing, I need a firewall + floor + cowl + hood. Well this beautiful YJ already had all that stuff from the factory :idea:

and here is the heart of the new rig, *very* humble beginnings:

I don't have any Autocad skills or possess tubing software, (I can barely work the handsfree bluetooth in my pickup) so the plans for the buggy are all on paper (I know, how archaic). Here is the "final" rough sketch of the rig, I have many more detail drawings to work from - but this one is a good reference for now. It's my vision at this point:

**I think as this project progresses you guys will see some stuff that hasn't been covered in the hardcore Jeep forum to date. In fact, I'm quite sure of it. Stay tuned.
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Lookin forward to it. :smokin:
Can't wait! :D
Awesome! Your last YJ build was very nice! Can't wait to see what you come up with this one!
This will be awesome!
I'm eager to see this one completed. Sounds like a cool project.
I remember you showing pictures of you starting your own custom made axle housings in your stroker thread, is that still the plan?
Thanks for the props guys, I had a good day on this thing.

After taking the carcass down to the truck wash and steaming it out, I brought it to it's final resting place for the next few months. It doesn't look like much sitting there in this picture, but this is the finished ride height, 21" to the bottom of the frame rails. It's definitely going to be a bit of a belly dragger, but thats why god created nylatron GSM:

Before starting, I spent some time grinding out and re-welding the horrible factory engine mount welds on the frame. I also added a 1/8" plate "landing pad" for my side tubes:

Next I finished mounting my tires and rims. For this rig I went with Pitbull Rockers :smokin: in 42" flavor, wrapped around a set of 17" Allied Rock-a-thons. I've had really good luck with Allied rims in the past, and they are actually no heavier than the various bling cast aluminum offerings. This picture shows the approximate relationship between the front tires and the tub for the finished rig. This rig will be built to a 110" wheelbase, the front WMS will be 69" and the rear WMS will be 65":

Since the entire chassis will tie into the side bars, it was the logical place to start building. Here is the mark...

Some people call this boat-siding, in this case "high clearance corrosion removal" might also be pertinent. I'm happy to get rid of all the cancer:

Before calling it quits, I laid in the first bit of tubing. The chassis uprights will all tie off of these:

** One of the goals is to keep many of the dimensions similar to my black YJ, as far as the position of the driver relative to the tires . Hopefully this makes both the rigs feel similar to drive, and will lessen my learning curve on driving the new ride...
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Looks like a hell of a start. Subscribed!
Looks like it going to be a great build I am liking the rims Subscribed!
Looking good, how mch do those wheels weigh?
Looking good, how mch do those wheels weigh?
46lbs vs. a Walker Evans in 17" weighing in at 41lbs, not a huge difference when your tires weight 103lbs :)
looks good so far...will be keeping an eye on this one
Looks like great day of progress Corey. Maybe next time you're in town we can try and get my garage as clean as yours.:grinpimp:
Any specific reason for the WMS difference, or did it just end up that way?
Any specific reason for the WMS difference, or did it just end up that way?
It's a little trick I've been doing for a while, helps the rear tire slip around tight obstacles - basically it's an aid in keeping the rear tires from getting hung up when cutting hard around an obstacle. The rear end is being scratch-built right now, so I can choose my WMS.
i like your tire and wheel combo as well as your wheel base.

mine is 110" wb and 25" to the bottom of the frame... great minds think alike :laughing:


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