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Here's the thread.


I just don't care about this stuff anymore. Trying to get rid of projects. Yes I am going to absolutely lose my shirt on this sale.

$4000 for Jeep. Make offers. 4O6 24I 8625 call or text. Located in Florence MT.

People contacting me are asking for more details, I'll post some here

Yukon Grizzly
35 spline Dutchman Chromos
Yukon 3.25 Nodular chunk

Yukon Grizzly
Stock shafts
GM knuckles
High steer

36x13.5x15 Iroks on 15x10's (all like new)
6 lug Toyota/GM pattern

4.6 Stroker
7120 Head all rebuilt with build
Motorcraft 2150
4.0 EFI intake manifold modified for the carb
APN header
New full exhaust
Genright Crawler Tank + Skid

AX15 swap

231 Tcase
6-gear planetary
1.25" chain/gears

Again this thing is not quite done. Needs drivelines, brakes, steering finished, and a few other minor things. I just don't care anymore. Shipping would be tough through a big carrier because I don't think they allow stuff to be in the vehicle, and this one is not done so there's loose stuff that goes with it.
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