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hey all.
I'm sure I will get the (I wouldn't do that) responses to this question--btu what the hell--ill post it anyway.

Im gunna peice togather a yj setup from trailtough. I basically need the mounts and shackles however dont want the missing links due to it leading into a problem.

Currently I flat tow my sami with a tow bar that connects to the shackles (heres where the I wouldnt do that usually applies) however I have done it to my sami for a while now and only towed my Heep like that--with no ill affects.

My problem is with the sami is that I can't find any tow shackles to use with the yj springs up front. Im' curious if the Trailtough front bone shackles will work with my idea-- http://www.trailtough.com/images/tt4.jpg

To modify them Im planning on cutting a notch wide enough to slip my towbar into them then drill holes on the sides to lock it in with bolts/hitch pins if they will fit.

I have two questions here--First will there be any ill affect to putting these shackles up front and modifing them to my use? Second is there a brand/company that makes shackes to convert to yj and tow with??

Oh and just curious--how many people tow like this (using the shackle)
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