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YJ tub, hood, and grill price dropped $350 SOLD!!

selling my 90 YJ tub hood and grill. will not split. Tub has been gone thur i comp cut the rear and added a CJ tailgate. i installed new floors on the driverside. started to flat dash it. jeep was repainted a few years ago and has some rust on the rockers where my guards were. tub is solid. great for a project for someone. aslo comes with title.

the hood is in great shape no dents or rust.

grill is in awesome shape comes complete with IPF headlights and magic bulbs and complete wiring harness.

asking $350 for everything. i'm located in Flint Michigan will not ship. pickup only unless you want to pay full shipping costs. thanks jim

i have many more pics i can e-mail thanks again

pm me or call me at 810-610-8737


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Since yours sold :flipoff2:

I have a 2000 TJ tub, frame, hood, cowl for $550 in WA State... no title.
I want to let everyone know I believe these parts are property of CRAWL Magazine that are being sold by a party that has no right to sell them. PLEASE READ BELOW, I know it's long, but it's worth it.

Since [redacted] and [redacted] want to play this way, I'll go ahead and let the cat out of the bag. I think the Wenzell incident should be a drop in the bucket compared to this...
Tim quit CRAWL MAgazine, and said he walked away, but he didn't.

Before Tim quit, CRAWL hired John Herrick to come in and take over the finances and things were going great. Until John found a bank account that was said to be closed by [redacted], yet he kept it open.

Tim then used that account as his personal slush fund, taking money out whenever he saw fit and buying gas, food, and even a camera on CRAWL's dime, and our subscribers and advertiser's dime. We then found out that as many as 5 Paypal accounts were going into that account and recognized that as many as 130 subscriptions weren't being filled because Tim decided he wanted the money for himself so the subs never got turned in, until John found out.

Tim then thought taking a personal loan and having his girlfriend bookkeeper put it into the company account (that's a BIG no-no boys and girls!) and then right away took a nice little chunk of cash out, and thought that was OK to do as well. There are NO signed papers for this loan to Tim, on behalf of CRAWL, because no one agreed to it. So when Tim said he wanted CRAWL to pay it back and he was told no he quit. Personal funds do not mix into a company bank account, never.

But that's not the end of it, he then got back into the office, deleting everything off of the company imac, and took all kinds of legal paperwork out of the safe and a laptop. Then he went in and stole a couple of websites that were paid for by CRAWL Magazine off of the server since he also stole and took to his and Nicole's home all the passwords to our server. Yes in fact Tim's little sandbox, Timbercrawler.com was paid for with Atticus/CRAWL Magazine funds, yet he thought he'd just break into our server after he "simply quit" as he puts it and steal that, delete databases and files, articles and pictures for Issue 18.

So then we find, in an empty safe because everything else was cleaned out of it, a contract stating Tim gave his shares to his girlfriend Nicole. Well funny thing is, they're not married, so there are a few legal things that must be done first.

As a share holder I get the right of First Refusal, and as Secretary I have to sign off any anything of this sort. Nicole claims she owns 50% of the company, yet cannot produce a valid contract, so what do they do?

Of course fire John Herrick since he uncovered their, what appears to us as, embezzlement. Once John confronted Nicole about the fact she is the bookkeeper and there were thousands of dollars of inconsistency's in one account, monthly, and the fact that her boyfriend [redacted] was stealing money out of another account, she changed the locks on the doors ultimately locking John and myself out. She also thought having her personal car loan coming out of the CRAWL magazine operating account was an OK thing to do to. Can you say against the law?

Problem is, Tim is the one that called the landlord stating he changed the locks, but he has nothing to do with CRAWL. So now Im locked out of my own office, trying to work out the details of who owns what stock, the legal way, and Nicole and her attorney decide not to reply to my request for documents stating she is a share holder, and where I signed off on that.

On top of that, Nicole has been paying herself on time every month, yet I haven't received a check in 4 months, nor has John, an employee. Can anyone see the theme here...?

And that is only PART of what happened in the last few weeks, and as I have come to find out, years.

So these axles are basically stolen property, and the parties selling them have no legal right to sell them. Please pass the word on!

If I could do anything, like get into my own office, I bet they've already been stolen from there as well.
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