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ZF-5 vs NV4500

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I'm looking at putting a 12v CTD in my '90 F-350, with the zf5. I've got a line on a compleate 2x4 '94 ram, and am trying to decide what trany to run. If I run the zf I need to get the adaptor for the CTD, and if I run the NV, I need to get a t-case adaptor. Since I need to get an adaptor either way, I'm looking for the strongest, most reliable, and cheapest to maintain. Thoughts?
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What ZF? gas or diesel?

If the wear & tear is similar on both units, and cost to adapt is equal, I would pick a diesel ZF over the NV4500. Nicer ratios. (Cheaper fluid too!).

Me thinks it might be cheaper/easier to mod the Dodge trans for 4x4 and run a Dodge t-case. Or to use a divorced t-case.
It's a diesel ZF. My thoughts were to use a Ford 205 that I have kicking around.
I would use the Nv4500,way better than the ZF.Just mt .02
personaly, I like the ZF better. smoother shifting, and they seem to be a tougher tranny, that and no 5th gear nut issue.

However, I'd have no issue using a 4500 in your situation, since it would possibly be cheaper not having to buy the adapter.
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