Pirates on Barrett Lake Trail
Labor Day Weekend, 1999


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If you have heard anything about this trail you know that not only is it a pretty well kept secret but it is also closed a lot of the time.  With the rumor that the trail was going to be closed after Labor Day,  plans were made while partying at Vice-President Lance Clifford's wedding the night before to hit the trail the next day.  Of course,  after an event like that things did not quite start as early as planned but five pirate rigs and six pirates made the trip, ready to rock!  This was my first time on the trail and actually only the second time my truck has been out on the trail with the new flatbed and no top.  The first event was watching Scott's full with CJ-7 squeeze it's 39" Boggers through the two posts at the begenning of the trail. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of that but it was a site to see.  I had been told that this trail was a walk in the park so this time I took my wife along for the "scenic" cruise.  Just about 10 feet past the gate I allready knew that this was more than a scenic cruise and I was allready having a blast!  Many stops were made along the way and we managed to turn a 3 hour trail ride into more than 7 hours of rock crawling action.  I was pushing my truck and having a blast by taking the lines of Scott's full width insane rock crawling machine.  Jeff and Timbos machines were also performing flawlessly and there were only minor trail repairs (popped bead, fan clutch, etc..).   By the time we rolled into camp there were about 10-15 rigs allready there with a yotapile in the middle.  We built us a nice campfire and just relaxed for the night.  The next morning 2 of the rigs took off early for the trail ride out and other than watching a cruiser accidently set off his fire extuinguiser it was a pretty mellow ride out.  I know I had a great time and I have now placed the Barrett Lake Trail high up on my list of favorite runs! 
More Trail Photos -
RCRC Member: Brandon Miller

Member: Jeff Fretwell, Club President. 

Member: Scott Whitaker aka: Billy Bob

Member: Tim "Timbo" Downs 
Unfortunaly I did not get any pictures of member Dan Murrow's amazing coil sprung daily driver CJ but I had a great time watching his rig in action as he lead the way home.