BITD Terrible 250 - Primm, NV
"Damn Ground Wire!
Story and photos by Andy Johnson

This weekend's adventure took me down to Primm, NV, for the Best in the Desert Terrible Town 250 to chase for the 1705 Jeepspeed of team Pirate/Shaffer. Man what a great weekend! It started off with a quick flight down to Las Vegas where Lance's parents picked up Lance's girlfriend Renee and I at the airport and drove us the last few miles out to PRIMM, NV to meet up with the rest of the team.

Seeing as it was 10pm and the race started Saturday morning at 5:30am most of the team was heading to bed. Since I was still a little wired from the flight I went back downstairs and grabbed a drink and made my donation to the Herbst family. The lucky TT drivers didn't have to start until 1pm so they were still drinking it up at The Tree Bar. That's ok though because we were already planning on going to Vegas Saturday night to party!

Thank God Shaffer snores loud enough to shake the walls or Saturday morning could have been really bad!! Seems as though none of us remembered to set the alarm, but thankfully I woke up to Mike's train horn about 4:30. Crap, we needed to have the rig staged by 5! The rush was on to get everyone up, out the door and down to the parking lot. Finally around 5:15 or so we get everyone downstairs and get the game plan set for the day. Then at the last minute DSI Dave needs to use the bathroom (#2 of course). Crap! Lance is already in the race rig ready to go line up. I tell him just to go and we will get Dave over there. Shaffer, Renee and I load up in Lances Dodge and I let Jason know Dave is using the bathroom and to grab him when he finishes. Jason gives me the OK. A few minutes later Jason comes up to the staging area. No Dave!!

"Where is Dave?!?!?" I ask.

"I forgot" Jason says.

"Go back and get him, dumbass!" I yell.

"OK" mopes Jason.

He finally finds Dave and brings him over to the Jeepspeed. Then Lance decideds he wants his damn phone. OMG fine I run about a mile down to where the Dodge was parked, and grab his phone.

UGGG... Finally everything is settled and it was time to rock. Lance and Dave are staged and ready to go. Our chase teams know where they are going. Before you know you it, they are off and flying by us. We scramble off to the truck so we can get to pit 1. By the time I got my laptop fired up and IRC tracking going they were in first place and pulling away. Talk about exciting, we were all stoked. Lance was driving the wheels off it and as Dave would say over the radio "he is passing everything on 4 wheels!" They were increasing their lead by nearly a mile every five minutes on the Jeepspeed class and passing all the other classes as well!!!

After lap one, they had about a 15-20 minute lead on 2nd place. They were fully GETTING IT until the rear driveline let go at RM7 of lap two. When the call came over the radio everyone in the chase rig was about sick. Still it was no problem since they had over a 15-20 minute lead on second place, and there was a spare on the rig and they have tools on the rig to change it. Well they are supposed to have tools. Second call comes out. "We have no fawking tools!!" WTF the tool bag must have flown out. SOB now what? We did all we could trying to get them tools. Finally, we get Bob Roggy to drop some tools off to them. Which we found out didn't matter because the guys had limped the rig up to a check point and borrowed a pair of pliers. They replaced the driveline with a pair of flipping pliers!! Whatever it takes right? Third call comes out. "The rig won't run" Oh shit this isn't good. After an hour or more of watching the huge lead disappear and Shaffer talking to them on the radio trying to figure out what's wrong we finally called it a race. Talk about disgusted. We were all really bummed.

Oh well there is always another race. We all loaded up and headed for a fun night in Vegas!! What a night it was. We ate like kings at Del Frisco's Double Eagle steakhouse. If you're ever in Vegas and looking for a really nice dinner and don't mind paying for it don't pass it up!! After our feast we headed off to the Hard Rock where we drank the days pain away well into the morning. We finished up the night at Hooter's casino with some hot wings and marvelled that all the hot women in Vegas must work at the strip clubs, because the Hooter's girls in the casino were pretty tore up looking. haha

I got the call from Dave on my way home that the car wouldn't run because the ground wire for the computer had broken loose. SOB such is life. Sometimes it the small things that can get you, but that's racing.

I can't wait for the next race. There's nothing like hanging out with good friends and having a hell of a good time!