CalROCS Coloma!

Once again, Glenn and Kurtis delivered an event of epic proportions and Pirate4x4.com was there to cover the action since it was practically in our own backyard!  Gold was discovered in Coloma in 1848, and now Glen has discovered gold in the form of an awesome location for a rock crawling event.


Set in an old quarry not far from the river, Glen and Kurtis designed a series of courses that were almost too hairy for many competitors.  Obstacles included a massive pipe that rigs had to straddle, and a 14’ sheer drop that required a serious front dig, with very little room to pull it off. Another course had a drop off a massive boulder that lead to many rigs ending up on their cages, tires in the air.

For the spectators, the way the courses were laid out rivaled the Brown’s Valley location in terms of them being able to see almost all the action at once. Many spectators elected to sit on the top of the rim of the quarry to look down on all the courses. Dust was not even an issue as Glenn ordered a water truck to constantly spray down the area. The only issue was the heat, which just as hot as the competition itself. In the CalROCS series, safety always comes first, and Glen was constantly reminding the competitors and spectators to remain hydrated.

In that this was the second to last event of the year, many drivers were working hard to gain a lead in the points race.

In the 36”-40” buggy class, Jeff Mello did not do as well as the last two events, scoring a 97 and allowing Bill Kunz to be tied with him for first in the series. To make this class even more exciting, Brian Whitford became tied with Kevin “Master” Yoder for fourth place in the series after Coloma. Whiford, with his “Insane, no brain” style of driving rolled hard on a front dig that Yoder managed to pull off earlier on in the day. Finishing only 2 points behind Yoder, the young jedi Whitford lost the chance to pull ahead of Master Yoder, set up an exciting battle for the last event at Brown’s Valley.

In the unlimited class, Brent Bradshaw continued his steak of 100 point scores for a third event in a row, but still has Dave Wong and Rock Zombie Brian Tilton hot on his heels. Bill Roulette also continued the same streak in the 36”-40” full body class.


Being a man with a lot of “class” Jeff Mello also ran in the 35” and under class and just barley took the win over Dennis Stansfield, but they are both tied for first in the series. In the over 40” sportsman class,  Derek Trent reigned supreme over Keith Pardue and Justin Foxworthy.

With this event leading to many ties in points, the Brown’s Valley event on September 20th promises to deliver some serious action.

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Photos by Shana Whitford