2004 CalROCS Put Up or Shut Up Event - Johnson Valley, CA
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Story by Lance Clifford & Sam Silveira
Photos by Lance Clifford & Sam Silveira

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Scores - Updated 01/04/03 3:00PM PST

Name Car# 1 2 3 4 5 Total FInal Total
Don Robbins 02 -15 1 13 -5 4 -2 34
Bruce Zeller 81 1 0 19 -10 15 25 52
Tracy Jordan 112 39 50 50 50 -14 125 103
John Lockwood 27 29 1 19 40 39 128 323
Dustin Webster 33 -22 0 -1 -10 -7 -40 -57
Chaz Murray 31 22 20 21 40 39 142 251
Daren Runyon 67 -4 6 15 17 38 72 103
Cody Waggoner 17 8 0 4 24 22 58 129
Bill Kresiel 7 5 39 8 38 0 52 98
Holy Holsworth 13 50 50 50 50 50 250 480
Ron Schneider 10 39 40 40   39 158 150
Shannon Campbell 39 39 50 50 -4 -10 125 91
Jon Bundrant 80 -12 -3 -5 -15 -14 -48 -81
Jason Scherer 23 -22 -3 -3 -14 -10 -50 -81
Ted Lebaron 58 8 7 17 38 40 110 152
Dave Schneider 49 -21 -3 39 2 8 25 61
Chris Poblano 15 50 50 50 50 50 250 442
John Hall 258 38 -3 -2 -9 39 63 26
Larry Zager 31 50 8 50 50 50 158 257

Update 01/04/04 10:30PM PST

There was a typo in the earlier scores, and it turns out that Jon Bundrant and Jason Scherer tied for the weekend with an incredible -81 points. In the case of a tie, they go to the score of the tie breaker course which was obstacle A1 this weekend. Bundrant edged out Scherer in the tie breaker, and walks away with his first victory of the 2004 season.

Update 01/04/04 2:48PM PST

Jason Scherer just amazed the crowd in a spectacular full throttle climb up B1. With multiple backups on the course though, was it enough to edge out Dustin for second? It sure was and he almost took first place with his driving. We are still waiting for a few final scores at the momen. In the mean time, watch this video clip of Jason getting it up "The Wall".

As was feared by his competitors, Jon Bundrant took a leap up the B1 climb and stopped just before the top. Taking a few moments, he geared it up and creeped over the summit of the wall with ease. An impressive climb up the hardest obstacle of the day will give him the top honors spot at this years Put Up or Shut Up, but not before hitting a cone in the final turn. This mistake almost put him in second place. He finished only 1 point ahead of Jason.

It was another great day of competition out here on the desert floor. The weather was perfect and the action was intense, close, full of action.

Dustin Webster's final comments with a big smile on his face, "Told ya so".

Update 01/04/04 1:41PM PST

John Hall surrenders the lead in a frustrating day 2. On obstacle B5 John was attempting the wall when his rear driveshaft blew apart.

On obstacle number B1, John was attempting the "Wall of Death" when his rear ring & pinion let loose. He's done for the day, and his hopes of winning the event are gone.

With Shannon Campbell rolling on The Wall of Death and Tracy Jordan breaking on the Wall of Death, Jon Bundrant simply needs to complete his final courses to walk away with yet another victory. It appears that he has this event wrapped up.

Don Robbins pulled off a sick line in the Rock Tractor on obstacle B4. He edged off slowly, and cheated what I thought was going to be a certain roll over. It was an awesome save.

Jason Scherer and Dustin Webster are battling for second place. Both are driving flawlessly today, and it's going to come down to the wire! Jason mastered B5 just a few minutes ago with only a couple of backups. His 2003 Diablo scaled the wall like he was on a Sunday drive.

Update 01/04/04 12:40PM PST

An unfortunate turn of events for Shannon Campbell and crew just occurred as they rolled hard onto their lid on B1 on the "Wall of Death". Of course we were on scene catching the action. Check out the footage of that roll over here.

This rollover took Shannon out of the running for the Put Up or Shut Up title, but it may have knocked him out of the competition as his bellhousing was reportedly broken during the roll.

Update 01/04/04 12:01PM PST

"The Wall of Death" on obstacle B1 has been the biggest scare of the event. Most have used the winch to get up this section because of how steep and loose this obstacle is. However, with Don Robbins making the climb, others are now forced to make that same climb without the winch in order to stay competitive. Dustin Webster took two attempts at it and on the second run up, with a loud bang as he bottomed out, he nailed the climb. As I sit here now, I can see Tracy Jordan trying to make the climb, but now on his 4th attempt, he has had no luck. Oooouch..... never mind, he isn't going to drive up it this day as he just broke. Check out the video footage of it here.

John and Nick Hall are looking really good at this point with a low score of -9 on obstacle B4 followed up with -3 and -2 score on courses B2 and B3 Jon Bundrant s also creeping up course by course. This is looking to be an exciting finish.

Team Purple has had some bad luck today with a multiple roll overs and time outs on a few courses.

Update 01/04/04 10:44AM PST

Don Robbins was first up on "The Wall of Death" Obstacle B1. This obstacle has a 20 point bonus line up "The Wall of Death". After a few tries and some rock stacking, Don shot right up it and recieved a -20 bonus. Click here for a video clip of Don Robbins making the "Wall of Death"!

Dustin Webster and his spotter Jody are still in the hunt, and were able to pull out of this rock and a hard place.

Update 01/04/04 10:09AM PST

Sam: "You are sitting in 6th place currently 15 points behind the current leader. What are you guys going to try to catch the pack?"

Dustin: "Today isn't about catching the pack, its about surviving. The way CalROCS set the courses yesterday was about fun and technical driving. Today it's all about adrenaline and broken parts."

Sam: "The courses look big and destructive today. Do you foresee breaking many parts?"

Dustin: "We are going to be one of the first to attack the 20 point option line B1 and it is the biggest most vertical wall we have ever attacked. I don't foresee breaking, but we will probably roll. We are sitting in good position in the competition, so we plan on running smooth and letting attrition take effect on the top runners to help us come up in points."