Cantina for the ‘Con 2006

Last year, the Dysfunctional Rockcrawlers decided that they needed to do something more to help the Rubicon Trail. So they put their heads together, and decided that a small fund raiser, on the Rubicon trail would be a great idea. With little more than 30 days of brainstorming, and planning, Labor Day weekend would never be the same.

A group of club members, friends and family set up tables, and tents next to the spillway at Loon Lake, and proceeded to prove that they had what it took to pull this event off. As the groups of four wheelers started to trickle in Saturday Morning, the Dysfunctional club went to work, selling more raffle tickets them we could possible imagine, and cooking up some of the best cantina style tacos this side of the border had ever seen. The groups kept coming, and the Dysfunctional crew kept their hearts strong, passing out well over 400 garbage bags, and raising money selling drink koozies by the handful, and raffle tickets by the bagful.

Of course the group wasn’t alone at this event. They also had vendor support coming from multiple vendors. Aside from the dozens of businesses that donated their product to the crew to raffle off, vendors like Roundeyes, Inchworm, Parts Mike, and IH Only all came to the event, and showed their support, and concern for our trail, by setting up booths, and displays, and encouraging every wheeler to thread lightly.

By the end of the Sunday, the Dysfunctional Rockcrawlers had called out the raffle winners, and tallied the cash, and as they announced the total, many were in disbelief, and a few brought a tear to their eye, cause the hard work of the crew had paid off with over $5100 in proceeds that were all going to be donated to the Rubicon Trail Foundation!!!

We’re very proud of what we are capable of with just 32 days of planning. This year we have had 365 days to brainstorm, and promote our fundraiser, and hopefully make it the largest single event fundraiser the Rubicon trail has ever seen! If this story and game plan inspires you in any way to help us reach our goal, please contact any of our club members.

Our public relation contact for the event is Mark Langford.
Mark can be reached at [email protected]