The 2003 Off Road Expo, Pomona, CA

Click here to see our photo gallery from the 2003 Off Road Expo

The Off Road Expo took place in Pomona, CA this weekend, and what an event it was! This year was bigger than ever, and everyone who's anyone was at this event. From The Terrible Herbst Racing team, to Mitch Guthrie and his LS1 powered "Boogie", every aspect of off roading was represented.

Of course California has the hottest women on Earth, and the Off Road Expo had no shortage of them. We did our best to stick to taking photos of all the great off road stuff, but were diverted every now and then.

Advance Adapters had some new products on hand at the Expo. Below is their is their new speedo-less Atlas tail housing and their newly available Atlas to Powerglide adapter.

Among all the awesome rock crawling stuff was some of the most incredible fab work imaginable in the countless desert racing machines. The fabwork on some of these machines is such art, it is difficult to put into words. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

To keep things exciting, the Off Road Expo organizers setup a freestyle motocross exhibition where some crazy SOB's were jumping over PCI Race Radio's 18 wheeler and trailer. They were most definitely fully getting it!


We ran into Off-Road.Com's Pat Chicas and Tim "Desertbull" Sanchez at the event. But what we didn't know was that Tim was playing in the band at the Expo!

We'd like to take this moment to thank Superior Axle & Gear for their efforts in keeping us "hydrated" this weekend. Superior was our official beer sponsor all weekend, and for that, we are thankful!

Rock Crusher was on hand with their new Dana 60 housings on display. I went over these housings with a fine tooth comb today, and let me tell you - these things are awesome. I think once these diffs are available to us mates they will give Dynatrac and Tera a serious run for their money. Not only are they coming out with some beefy center sections, but they will be offering heavy duty spindles, hubs, knuckles, diff covers, and more. Look out guys, Rock Crusher promises to be some bomb-proof hardware!

All in all we had a great time at the Off Road Expo. We were able to see the entire event today, so we will be heading out to Farmington, NM tomorrow to prepare to cover the RCAA Finals. Be sure to check out the Off Road Expo Photo Gallery which contains 170 photos of the event!

Click here to see our photo gallery from the 2003 Off Road Expo