Fordyce Creek Trail (Sierra Trek Trail) 1997
By Brandon Miller

Before Crossing #2
This is another of my favorite trails, lots of good rock crawling. Beware of high water on the four creek (river) crossings. This year is going to be quite a challenge with all the snow runoff coming down the river crossings.  The trail is located off of the Cisco Grove exit near Truckee, CA. This is another trail that the CA4WDC runs regularily. I first ran the trail with my dad in his 53' M38Al and later had to try it in my truck. The great debate is wether this trail is tougher than the rubicon, I'd have to say nope. It is still a challenging trail, guaranteed to keep you awake.
Trail Shots : 

Just beginning...

Goin Up

Rock Crawler
The following pictures were taken on my most recent trip to the Fordyce Creek Trail. Me and Jeff Fretwell decided to make a night run, we began the trail after dark and finished around 4:30 am

Taken around 4am

Before the big water crossing

One of the winch hills