sorry for the lack of actual wheelin pictures! Jeff's camera got stolen out of his vehicle in front of his house! He had all the great action photos!

Labor Day Weekend, 1998.

Usually, we hit the Rubicon on this weekend. We've been doing it for years. This year, we decided to get away from the chaotic crowds, and hit the Fordyce Creek Trail, aka: Sierra Trek. This trail is arguably every bit as tough as the Rubicon. I believe the scenery to exceed the Rubicon, and there is next to no traffic thanks to the high river flows. The Fordyce Creek Trail is home to the famous Sierra Trek. For this event, they actually turn the river flow from Fordyce Lake down to a trickle allowing everyone to pass and barley get their hubs deep. (There are four river crossings.)

On the other hand, the rest of the time the river flows at a pretty considerable rate. Enough to keep the average Joe away. This makes the trail perfect for us nuts who could care less if we suck a few gallons of water down our intakes. :)

We all met at the beginning of the trail on Friday evening, and headed in. We took our time and enjoyed the fun wheeling before us. Our plan was to make it to the first river crossing and camp for the night. A rig count totaled 16 rigs - A really large turnout! The journey to the first river crossing was amazingly smooth with no breakdowns. We knew what the river flow would be before we got there because of our KFlow connection. They said it would be running at 150 cubic feet per second. In comparison, they run it at 25 cubic feet per second on Sierra Trek. 150 is actually child's play for us Pirates, some of us have been known to cross at 410 cubic feet per second.

The water was just a little above my 35 x 16" Boggers. No problem. We all parked on the other side of the river, and set up a quick camp. We had a few frozen burritos, enjoyed some cocktails, and called it a night.

Saturday morning, we all packed up, and headed out around 9:00am. We took our time, and had a great time on the winch hills and 2nd and 3rd water crossings. Speaking of winch hills, good 'ol Kelly drove my Land Cruiser up winch hill one effortlessly. Then at the top (after the difficult stuff), she was goofing around on about a 4' boulder and flopped her over! Too funny! She was grinning from ear to ear, since it was her first trail flop! (the body on the L.C. is a lost cause.)

Here is what happens when you let your girlfriend showboat in your rig! ;)

We arrived at the 4th river crossing, and set up camp on the other side. The clouds were really starting to build up, so we decided to set up a "tarp city." Sure enough, as soon as we finished erecting the tarps, it started to rain. No biggie though, it was still very warm. It felt as though we were in Hawaii.

Some of the guys decided to head up the trail in the rain, and see if they could make it to Meadow Lake. Steve and Gary called over the C.B. and said they were en-route to our camp, and were about 15 minutes away. Timbo, me, and a few others decided to head across the river and meet up with them. By this time it was raining so incredibly hard, it was amazing. There was an intense lightning storm getting it on, and it felt as though we were driving with a huge strobe light going! We finally intercepted Steve and Gary just before the 3rd river crossing and turned around. A little "crash up derby" ensued between Timbo and I, to the entertainment of everyone else. Ahhhh not caring about your body is a great thing! ;)

Back at camp, the rest of the gang had a huge fire burning even though it was raining so hard. Too cool. We all hung out under the "tarp city" and partied the night away.

Did I forget to mention the steaks? Can't forget them! The club bought 10 HUGE Tri-Tip steaks and all the trimmings for everyone to enjoy. Chef Lance whipped them up for everyone to devour, and lemme tell ya - they got devoured!

All in all it was a completely successful trip. I personally had a blast, and know that everyone else involved to too!