Island Rock Crawl 2000, B.C., Canada
Erin Miller

Oregon Truck Lanes - your probably wondering why this is here, well we don't have those in CA and I am a transportation engineer so I thought it was interesting..

What a view

In line for the ferry

the view from the truck

Gotta love that rain..

Upon arrival I passed the safety check thanks to my new "working horn"

Mark in line on "hackers"

Cain having hub problems

I know this picture sux but I did not take many at all so her it is!

This was taken just seconds before I blew my first birfield, here I am cresting (almost) a slick hill - never made it :(

Thanks to Mike "Crash" Kash

Tuesday, May 16th

Left work early today, we were on the road by 3pm heading north on I-5. By 9:00 we were in Grants Pass, OR. We hadn't eaten dinner yet and everyplace there seemed to closed at 9 so we found a Denny's and had our dinner at 9:45. We found a motel called the Sweet Breeze Inn to stay the night. The woman that checked us in asked us about 20 times if we smoked or not and told us every time after we said no that if we wanted to smoke we would have to do so outside (I think that her wig was on too tight!).

Wednesday, May 17th

Wake up at 6:00 take a shower and drive to Brandon's Aunt Gail and Uncle Rick's house, they live in Grant's Pass. We woke up Gail and her son Troy, no one else was home, so we visited for a while and then went on our way by 8:00. Stopped at Burgerville for lunch, umm umm. We passed thru Seattle about 4:30 and drove up to Marysville to Seven Lakes Pizza & Grinders Etc. We were so hungry, we ordered a huge pizza and only had 2 slices each. Jason and Mark (we were staying at Jason's that night) meet us at the pizza place and we followed them to Jason's. We talked for a while and then Jason and Mark left to go work on their rigs for the trip the next day. We set up our air mattress and watched TV until we fell asleep.

Thursday, May 18th

Wake up at 5:15. Get up and out of there in 5 minutes, we have to catch the ferry (No shower)! We headed to Anacortes for the 7:00 ferry to Sidney, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. We had to wait until 7:45 to board. I took a Dramamine to calm my tummy and ended up sleeping the whole way to Sidney, until 11:15! We drove south to Victoria and stopped to eat at The Pantry restaurant, it was okay. By 2:00 we were at camp in Sooke. By 2:30 we were all set up and left to go to Victoria and get food, water, and a tarp (it was starting to rain). We probably got 5 miles from camp when the water pump in the truck blew, grrrrrr! We waited for half an hour until a man named Mike drove up in a Nissan pickup. He took Brandon into town to get a new pump. It took a while, but a guy that Brandon knew from the Internet, Wil, stopped by and stayed to help. I got to stay inside the dry truck for those 3 hours thanks to Wil. That night it rained a lot, until about 11pm when we were all going to bed.

Friday, May 19th

Woke up at 5:30 to sprinkles. Brandon's grumpy. We got all our stuff put into the rainproof containers that we brought, rolled up our sleeping bags (to keep bugs out), and went into town for some hot chocolate. By 9:00 we were ready and waiting to go on the first trail, Hacker. There were 2 spots that were tough; otherwise it was a pretty easy trail. Mark's fan tore into his radiator; Cain & Mike did some patchwork on the radiator so he was going again after about an hour. We were done with the trail by 4:30, so we went to go check into the bed & breakfast that we had arranged to stay at that night. It was right on the main road in Sooke called Constable Matheson's. It is the towns old jail converted by the owner, Sheila a felt artist, into a home and bed & breakfast. The way it is set up it's like a little house of your own it has a living room/hot tub room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. I fixed myself a little dinner then we went back to camp so Brandon could have his dinner, provided by the event, hamburgers! After dinner we went back to the B&B, chatted with Sheila for a while and then each got to take a nice long hot shower (it had been almost 3 days!). Then we got to go in the hot tub. Brandon added some bubble bath and turned on the jets to make a mound of bubbles that almost reached the ceiling! I got out and went to bed.

Saturday, May 20th

We were up at 7:00. I cooked ham, eggs, and fresh oj (provided by Sheila in our fridge) and ate cereal myself. We were on our way back to camp (about 2 miles) by 8:45. Today's trail was Morning Side. This was basically a mountain with 100 different ways to get up it so after a while everyone went there own way and you would run into people all the time. Brandon broke his first birfield today, he had a spare and thanks to Mike and Wil (again) he had it changed out in about 45 minutes. Lots of people breaking down today, Cain & Krissy had to go to someone's house to get a replacement leaf spring after only about 2 hours on the trail, but they were back for dinner. We went to the 17 Mile House for my dinner (it was very good), and then back to camp for Brandon's dinner and the raffle. We didn't win anything in the raffle but we did win the Iron Butt award for traveling the furthest to the event (about 1000 miles). It's been raining all evening, we setup a tarp to sit under tonight instead of standing in the rain, much more enjoyable this way.

Sunday, May 21st

We slept in today until about 8:30. We got packed up, said our goodbyes, and left for Victoria to do some sightseeing. De-ja-vous: It's band tour time in Victoria. I had been in my high school band and 10 years earlier we had gone to Victoria to be in the Victoria Day Parade. It all looked exactly the same, bands all over the city some being tourist and others entertaining the tourist by practicing in front of the Parliament building and on the waterfront, all thing I had done 10 years earlier (very strange). We ate lunch at a place that Brandon spotted once the rain really started coming down called Hugo. It was a great restaurant, great food, and very inexpensive. We walked around for a while but the rain wasn't making it much fun. We drove north to get the ferry to Vancouver and then drove to the Lundy's house right near the border. The Lundy's are a family that Brandon met online and invited us to stay with them, they are: Rob, Kim, Annalee, Breyden, and Coleton. They made a great dinner for us and let us take showers!

Monday, May 22nd

Woke at 8:00. Rob made us all a big breakfast. By 10:00 we were on our way to Seattle for some sightseeing. We found a hotel called the Pacific Plaza and checked in. We walked around a lot and found a place to eat dinner, the Rock Bottom Brewery. We bought a Growler of Brown Bear Beer to take home (the first we'd seen since Alaska). We were both very tired and were asleep soon.

Tuesday, May 23rd

Today we explored Seattle. We meet Mark and Jason for lunch at their work in the Key Building on the 58th floor, what a view!!! By 5:00 we started to head home wishing that we could stay longer. We listed to Memoirs of a Geisha on CD to pass the time, a very good book on tape. Stopped at Fudruckers for dinner, a serve yourself burger bar (not as good as Gilligan's in Alaska). We drove until 11pm and then found a hotel for the night.

Wednesday, May 24th

Left down 5 at 8:00am and arrived home at 5:00, what a long drive! We had a great time but it was nice to be home. his is work in progress, just thought I would post something. Unfortunataly I did not take many pictures but I did get some good video that I will convert to clips as soon as I can get ahold of a capture card. Story to follow, and in the meantime look at these pictures and the following links for more:

Mike "Crash" Kash

Shannon Cupper

Awesome video clip - bc4x4.com