51st Jeeper's Jamboree
By Lance Clifford and Mike Overmeyer

In 1952 several residents of Georgetown held a meeting to discuss the possibility of an organized jeep tour from Georgetown to Lake Tahoe, via the Rubicon Trail. What began as a Rotary Club effort to boost the economy of Georgetown, CA, still continues to play a major role in Georgetown's business community. On August 29, 1953, 55 jeeps with 155 enthusiastic participants left Georgetown on a two day trip that is now known as "Jeepers Jamboree 1." Jeeper's Jamboree is the "Grand Daddy" of all four wheel drive events. Jeepers Jamboree is held annually every last full weekend (Thu., Fri., Sat., Sun.) in July with a drive from Georgetown to Rubicon Springs over the Rubicon Trail. Once at Rubicon Springs, the party begins...

When you show up in Georgetown, you are greeted by hundereds of fellow four wheelers. There are literally hundereds of Jeeps and other types of four wheel drive vehicles everywhere! Upon registering at the Jeeper's Jamboree office, you recieve a packet with all kinds of goodies. From wristbands to environmentally safe soap, your packet has it all covered.

On Thursday morning, the Jamboree staff gets everyone lined up, and ready to go. But before hitting the road, you are fed the first of many excellent meals. Now it's time to hit the road!

The road from Georgetown to Loon lake has recently been paved. In years past, it was much less enjoyable as it was a dusty, bumpy dirt road. Once arriving at Loon Lake, it's time to lock in the hubs and put her in 4 lo!

On a scale of 1 -10, the Jeeper's Jamboree rates the Rubicon Trail a '10'. To this day it is one of the most difficult trails in the country. But fear not, even if you have a stock Jeep, Jeeper's Jamboree will get you through. How, you ask? Well they have "Rockrollers" (Jamboree staff) at every difficult section of the trail to help out, and point you in the right direction.

Nobody is left behind at the Jamboree. Even if you break something on your vehicle, Jeeper's Jamboree has mechanics located strategically throughout the trail to help assist you in repairing your vehicle. Don't have the part to fix it? Not a problem. Jeeper's Jamboree can supply just about any part at a reasonable price. They even have a helicopter to bring in anything out of the ordinary.

After a scenic day of challenging four wheeling on the famous Rubicon Trail, you arrive in beautiful Rubicon Springs. It's time to pitch a tent, and let the fun begin! The Rubicon Springs area is an incredible area loaded with lush forest, refreshing deep swimming holes (one even has a rope swing!) and more. Jamboree main camp is located right in the heart of the Springs, on a beatiful green meadow backing up to the Rubicon River.

Here you will find Amos' Bar (no host), the Kitchen, Ice Cream Parlor, stage for live bands, and dance floor. Each day you are served breakfast, lunch, and dinner that would rival the finest dining available in civilization.

Every evening after dinner, there is live entertainment consisting of live bands, comedians, and other types of fun. Remember, your only responsibility at the Springs is to have fun! No pressure, no traffic, no worries. Just good friends, good food, and good fun.

When Sunday rolls around (bummer!) it's time to saddle up, and head to scenic Lake Tahoe via Cadillac Hill. Don't forget, you have the "rock rollers" to show you the way. Once you get to the end of the trail, you are fed your final meal.

On your drive back home to civilization, you will reflect upon the many challenges and great times you had conquering the most famous trail in the world.

Jeeper's Jamboree