2010 Easter Jeep Safari
Stories by Charlene Bower, Lance Clifford and Camo
Coverage brought to you by 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers
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[ Moab Home ] [ Sunday: Hell's Revenge ] [Monday: Moab Rim ]
[ Monday: Canyonlands National Park ] [ Tuesday: Cliff Hanger ]
[ Tuesday: Camo Goes to Hell ] [ Wednesday: Pritchett/Poison Spider ]
[ Thursday: Vendor Show ]

A brand new JK to drive? A trip to Moab, UT? A group of people that love to wheel? Well, heck yea!

So Camo, Lance and I loaded up the Pirate4x4 satellite van and drove 988 miles to Moab, UT. An adventure in itself, lead us to one of the most beautiful spots in America… Moab. I grew up coming here as a kid. You can take the pictures, and you can tell the stories, but there is nothing about it that is easily communicated until you have been here yourself.

So my apologies to you out of the gate that you are not here. That the pictures do not completely show the reds, yellows, greens, oranges and other desert colors that the mountains are composed of. Our pictures can never show the depth of water of the Colorado river or the amazing arches that have been formed over thousands of years.

With all that said, Camo, Lance and I are going to be scavenging the city for the info and the trails for the best wheeling.

Special thanks to 4 Wheel Parts for hosting us!