2008 Moab Easter Jeep Safari
Moab, UT

Story by Pirate4x4 Staff
Photos by Andy Johnson and Lance Clifford

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POSTED 3/18/08 10:00PM by Andy Johnson
We hit up Metal Masher with Fabtech, Poison Spyder Customs, Pro Comp Suspension, Old Town Customs, ORD Magazine, Currie, Daystar and a few others today. The day started out cold with some light snow flurries, but by early afternoon the sun broke through the clouds and everyone began to shed their cold weather layers. You could tell it was early in the week because however, because most people were taking it pretty easy and not pushing their vehicle's limits. We had rigs ranging from trail tested TJ's to brand new buggies out for their first real run. Dustin Webster took DSI, Frank, Nicole and I for a slight detour to see Gemini Bridges. I think Dustin had flash backs to his cliff diving days! He kept perching himself on rock outcroppings and looking down 200+ feet to the valley floor below.

I've posted 30 photos from the day's action in the Moab Photo Gallery.

POSTED 3/18/08 10:00PM by Andy Johnson

Well Tuesday marked another day of great wheeling in Moab. Dave Schneider and I met up with the likes of Dustin and Becca Webster of Redbull Rockcrawlers, Ed Webster, Frank and Nicole Johnson of Johnson Motorsports, Kim and Sam (Druppy) Sears, and Chris and Joey Ridgeway for a run up Rusty Nail. The sun was out and everyone was prepared for a great day of wheeling. Since the Johnson Motorsports new Campbell Enterprises buggy has been working so well Frank decided he wanted to make the trail a bit more challenging and ran the whole trail in a Rhino! Talk about getting some strange looks. He made some of the stuff others were struggling on look easy. Kim and Druppy didn't fair so well when Druppy put their new rig on it's lid on only the second day of use. I guess there is a reason Kim usually drives and Druppy spots! After the flop Dustin Webster spent over an hour putting on a class on how to properly drive the wall they rolled on. Nicole Johnson was first up for Dustin's lesson and proceeded to spank the wall. DSI was up next and showed just how much air he could put under his tires with out sending it over backwards. After a bit of heckling by the gang Kim finally decided to give the wall another shot. She also walked right up it. After Kim aired the new car up the wall she turned to Druppy and told him to get in the car because he was going to do it again. Again after a quick lesson from Dustin, Druppy made it right up.

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POSTED 3/20/08 7:00AM by Andy Johnson

Another sunny day in Moab is in the book. Today the Pickle trail (I think that was the name) was packed full of rigs for a typical media day run. The run was great for taking pictures of shiny rigs but was pretty uneventful. Maybe I am just an adrenaline junky or my expectations were set to high by the runs on Monday and Tuesday but by lunch I was ready for a nap. A few drivers such as Shannon Campbell, Walker Evans and Westin Blackie did spice it up a bit by running a few of the more difficult lines the area had the offer. The day wasn't a complete sleeper though because Kim and Nathanial (Not Sam) Sears from Rock Out Racing invited me along to the new XRRA course so they could test out a few of the obstacles for the XRRA crew. After seeing the air Kim was getting on some of the jumps all I can say is WOW. The race this Saturday should be incredible to watch!

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Updated 3/20/08 9:10AM by Lance Clifford
Camo and I made it to Moab late last night. Mike Shaffer followed us in his sweet JK for our 800 mile journey to the Mecca of rock crawling. Camo is unloading the rig off the trailer as I type this, and then it's off into the red rock wilderness to enjoy some wheelin. We'll be sure to post photos of the action later today.

Updated 3/20/08 5:04PM by Lance Clifford
It was a great day on the trail of Pritchett Canyon today. Myself, Camo, Mike Shaffer, and Dan the Trout met up with Chris Ridgeway, Dustin Webster, and Frank and Nicole Johnson for some good trail action.

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Updated 3/21/08 11:23PM by Lance Clifford
Last night we had quite the rally. We decided to hit Hell's Revenge after dinner at Moab Brewery. If you've never run Hell's Revenge at night, it's a good time, but you better have a GPS as it's very easy to get lost!

After running Hell's Revenge, we cruised by Potato Salad Hill, which was completely deserted. We all made a run up the climb, and headed back to town. The fun didn't stop there, however. We headed over to the Moab Rim trailhead to meet up with Dustin Webster and the Pro Comp guys for a midnight run up Moab Rim. It was a beautiful night with a near full moon. You couldn't ask for a better time...

Friday morning rolled around, and we decided to check out the vendor's fair. I didn't notice anything Earth shattering at the vendor's fair, just a bunch of the same 'ole, same 'ole...

After leaving the Vendor's fair we decided we wanted to run the Rusty Nail trail, and exit via Gold Bar trail. Since Chris was busy preparing for tomorrow's XRRA race, his girlfriend Joey volunteered to lead us through the trail since she knew the trail best. We had an awesome time running this challenging trail, and even took a detour over to the infamous "Golden Crack" for a little late afternoon fun, and to check out the mind bogglingly beautiful scenery. After a little fun at the Crack, we motored down the Golden Bar trail (in the dark) and headed into Denny's for a late night dinner.

Photos from last night's and today's action have been posted in the photo gallery!