Nor Cal Rock Racing - June 2009
Story and Photos by Jon Crowley, www.UTVGuide.net


The first of three summer 2009 racing events was held on June 6, 2009 at Prairie City SVRA near Sacramento, CA. The track was setup in the 4x4 area, and Nor Cal Rock Racing's John Goodby and team did quite a job setting up the course. They had all the big equipment on hand to not only setup the rock piles, ditches, jumps and table tops, but also to keep the track in shape and haul off broken rigs.

The action pits two racers against each other on a track that starts with two lanes, but squeezes down in a few sections. Racers started out with a few practice runs and that is where the carnage began. Blown tires, cracked engine mounts and blown steering parts. Before the real racing even began, a portable welding rig was summoned to put a few competitors' rigs back together.

In the Pro class, Chris Ridgway pulled out the win after a spectacular race with Kevin Yoder. Kevin tried to climb over the top of Chris' Trent Fab buggy in the big rock pile and ended up rolling. Pro class results are as follows:

1. Chris Ridgway
2. Kevin Yoder
3. Aaron Beckstead
4. Jeff Hollfelder.

In the Sportsman class, one of the favorite lineups was Blazer vs. Blazer. Big Rob squared off against James Hubbard, but unfortunately ended up with wheels pointing in opposite directions and out for the race. The results for the Sportsman class were:

1. Chris "Bird" Elrod
2. James Hubbard
3. Rob "Big Rob" Cook
4. Rick Ouellette
5. Jeremy Hengl
6. Brian Tilton
7. Travis Carpenter

The venue at Prairie City SVRA is perfect for spectators since you sit up on a hill and can see the whole course. It was amazing to watch rock crawlers take to flight over table tops, and competitors climbing over competitors in the rock pile.

Round #2 will be held on July 11, at Prairie City SVRA and will feature a Pro purse of $3,000. They are looking to add UTVs to the mix as well on a similar course that isn't quite as extreme.

For more information about Nor Cal Rock Racing, you can visit their website at www.norcalrockracing.com.