Nor Cal Rock Racing, Second Round – July 11, 2009
Story and Photos by Jon Crowley, www.UTVGuide.net


Once again, John Goodby and the rest of the folks at Nor Cal Rock Racing did a great job with the track, and this time to make it a bit more exciting, there was a Pro Purse of $3,000 up for Grabs.

The carnage started a little slower in the second round as the competitors too it easy during the practice rounds. Absent was Chris Ridgway, the Pro Class winner of the first round and also the one of the guys that set the tone during practice in June.
With all the rigs holding together rather well, it was time to get to it and start the racing.  The track was in generally the same location, but the racers went clockwise for two laps this time and it was a whole new track. With a Pro purse of $3,000 and only five rigs competing for it, the odds were pretty good that you’d be going home with a least a few bucks.

Rock Racing is very demanding on the vehicles. To reach the podium you need to be fast, but also smart (or maybe just lucky) to make sure your buggy can stay together long enough to complete all of the rounds.

Kevin Yoder, who was the second place finisher in the June race was a strong favorite to win. But Jeff Mello was here this time, along with Aaron Beckstead (who raced in the first round), Phil Blurton in the Nor Cal Rock Racing’s blown LS1 and Shane Schrader.

Mello had a tough day after rolling early in the first race against Yoder, tearing a gash in a sidewall in another race against Yoder, and later lost a race against Schrader after his charging system failed.

Aaron Beckstead raced against Shane Schrader for third place.  Beckstead led the race until he flew a bit too high and landed on his passenger-side front tire.  The force of the landing shoved his steering ram over several inches and broke one of the mounts. Schrader held it together and crossed the finish line in one piece for  third place.

The race for first place in the Pro Class came down to Kevin Yoder against Phil Blurton. Despite Blurton’s blown LS1 power, Yoder took the lead at the first corner rock obstacle, and never looked back. Yoder seemed to have floated through the large rock pile all day, and this race was no different. But somewhere towards the end of the last lap, one of Yoder’s rear links came apart and the rear of the buggy shifted right. Thankfully for him, the buggy held together enough for him to get across the finish line.

The Sportsman class was separated into V8 and 4/6 cylinder classes and this really helped make the racing more competitive. Chris Elrod once again took first place in the V8 class in his green buggy, and Phil Blurton who took second in the Pro Class, also took the honors in the 4-6 cylinder class in his No Limits Fab buggy.

Race Results:
1st - Kevin Yoder-#34------$1800
2nd - Phil Blurton-#50------$900
3rd - Shane Schrader #524-$300

V8 Sportsman
1st - Chris Elrod
2nd - James Hubbard
3rd - Mike Smith

4-6 cylinders Sportsman
1st - Phil Blurton
2nd - Anthony Lee
3rd - Joshua Lee

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The next race will again be at Prairie City SVRA on August 15, 2009. For more information about Nor Cal Rock Racing, you can visit their website at www.norcalrockracing.com.