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Nor Cal Rock Racing, Event Number Three - August 2009
Story and Photos by Shana Whitford


It's the third and final race of the series for the Nor Cal Rock Race Crew located at the Prarie City SVRA. Now keep in mind those "Pro" boys had a $4,000.00 purse to fight for, along with the bragging rights to be crowned "Champion of 2009". With over 500 spectators and 20 racers including 8 pros, it was sure to be an unforgettable year-end blowout!

I dare not step out onto the course without watching a couple races first. Tony K. pointed out the safe spots to stand, but even those areas started to shrink during the course of the day when the horses were turned loose and the stampede began!

The 4-6 cylinder class may not have all the glory but they no doubt have the guts. Pushing the pedal and flying high gave Aaron Whitehead the win for the day. Following close behind would be Ryan Phillips taking second and Koby Shirk taking third.

Now let's talk about the V8 Sportsman class. In his race against Jeremy Hengle for the win, the "Big Bad Jeepster" grabbed the spectator's reaction after driver Mike McMeromey performed a nose dive like a lawn dart and landed square on his lid. (Ouch!) That being said, he also landed a 3rd place for the day with James Hubbard pulling in second and Jeremy Hengle winning the blue.

So did anyone notice? It seems like every time Kevin Yoder races against Chris Ridgeway, he seems to throw a good ole'roll somewhere into the "playbook". Some bad habits are hard to break, and this race was no exception. Kevin Yoder wins the series in the Pro Class despite his nasty punch with Chris Ridgeway, giving Chris the win for the day. Rookie racer Mike Smith, on his almost always airborne 46's, placed 3rd even after a severe puncture to the front driver side tire. Joel Swanson finished 4th.


His rig came to a sliding stop. I waited eagerly while the boys from Nor Cal Rock Racing came running down to check on him. When he got to his feet and removed his helmet, I walked right up to him saying, "I got every bit of it. Wanna see?" Kevin replied, "No…. not yet!"