The 2005 Off Road Expo
by Lance Clifford

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UPDATE - 10/8/2005 9:10AM

After a great night at the Sheraton bar hanging out with industry friends, it's time to hit the show! The crowds are just now beginning to come in. We are anxiously waiting for Erica the P4x4 Girl to arrive. I hope she isn't stuck in the notorious LA traffic!

Got Rocks 4x4 stopped by this morning and dropped off some sweet swag. They gave us a couple of t-shirts and some Supercrawl IV tickets to give away. So stop by and pick up some free Pirate4x4.com stickers, and be sure to ask for a Supercrawl ticket, and maybe even a Got Rocks t-shirt. We've got 10 tickets and two t-shirts to give away, so you better get here soon!


UPDATE - 10/8/2005 10:15AM

The power just went out! Thank God we brought the UPS battery backup!

UPDATE - 10/8/2005 10:30AM

It looks like a transformer blew in the building, killing power. The lights are back on, but while they were off, Erica was still knocking 'em dead in the dark.

The lovely P4x4 Girl Erica lit up the room even when the lights went out!


UPDATE - 10/8/2005 10:45AM

Poly Performance introduces their new weld on coil over kit for Jeep TJs and Rubicons.

Woah! The power just went out AGAIN!

Donahoe Racing has a very impressive booth which included this absolutely trick Ford Superduty.

Well we're sitting here in the dark, and we are the only booth who has power thanks to the battery backup we brought. I didn't think we'd actually get to use it though!

UPDATE - 10/8/2005 11:05AM

While cruising the halls, I came across the new STAK transfer case. This thing is a beautiful piece! It's about the size of an NP205, has different gear ratios available, and is also available in a "V" configuration for tight applications such as a early Bronco. The transfer case is capable of "front digging" and is capable of flat towing without removing the rear driveshaft. Retail price is around $2,700.

The new Stak 3 speed transfer case.

UPDATE - 10/8/2005 12:00PM

Erica goes wheelin'! While eating lunch earlier, Erica hinted that she would like to go for a ride on the rocks. Well it just so happens that there is a rock crawling exhibition going on outside. So camo, Erica, and I took a walk outside to see if we could talk someone into giving her a ride. The rock pile was pretty impressive, and there were all kinds of rigs crawling the pile. We came across world champion spotter Larry "Full Pull" Mc Crae in his Avalanche Engineering Karnivore. It didn't take much convincing (ok, it didn't take ANY convincing!) and Erica was strapped in and ready to rock.

One their first run, they took the mild route that the other rigs were doing. I decided to plot a little more interesting line on their second run, and guided them through some virgin territory. Erica was a trooper, even though she had a death grip on her shoulder harnesses the whole time!

Erica and Larry "Full Pull" Mc Crae

UPDATE - 10/8/2005 3:40PM

Wayne Static (left) from the band "Static X" hanging out with the Poly Performance boys.

A bunch of new pictures have just been uploaded to the photo gallery. I've pretty much covered the entire show except for some of the outdoor displays which I will cover tomorrow.

I just got back from the Detroit Locker booth. Scott informed me that Eaton has accquired Detroit Locker. Sinc Eaton is a 9 billion+ company, we think that Detroit will be in good hands.

Ok, one more picture to end the night right. ;)

UPDATE - 10/9/2005 10:30AM

TLC has their new "Icon" Land Cruiser reproduction on display. This thing is a work of art. Place your order today for a cool $88,000.

This is the absolute baddest Rhino I've ever seen. It's got King triple bypass shocks on all four corners, tig welded everything, and more. It just oozes with extreme coolness.

UPDATE - 10/9/2005 4:50PM

Well this about wraps up our event coverage of the 2005 Off Road Expo. I hope you enjoyed the webcam and our coverage.

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