Ken Shupe and Kevin "Moose" Nalley take the gold in Cedar City!

shupee wins!

Team Shaffer/Clifford could no longer continue their reign on the Rock Crawling Association of America. It was time for someone else to take the gold. After the the dust settled, Ken Shupe and

Kevin "Moose" Nalley from Traveler's Rest, South Carolina emerged on top. Driving to near perfection, team Shupe/Nalley smoked the rest of the competition by a 41 point margin scoring only 4 points for the weekend!

Current RCAA series points leaders Shaffer and Clifford suffered major breakage on day one, with simultaneous front and rear axle failures. Unable to complete the obstacle, they suffered a 40 point penalty which would all but eliminate their chance at the gold. Shaffer and Clifford were able to get their tube chassis Suzuki back together in the allotted break down time thanks to a great pit crew, and finish the rest of the weekend without any further incidents. They finished the weekend with 45 points.

Third place would go to the 2001 RCAA champions, John Currie and Jeff Wagonner. With John Currie behind the wheel this time, and the "Iceman" behind the strap, team Currie pulled off a well deserved third place finish with 68 points.

The courses in Cedar City this year were extremely difficult. Add to that the record shattering heat (about 107 degrees) which made it miserable for most of the spotters. Water and shade were the name of the game. On more than one occasion a spotter could be seen staggering around after a grueling obstacle.

Below are the scores for the weekend.

Place Driver Total
1 Ken Shupe 4
2 Mike Shaffer 45
3 Currie 68
4 John Gilleleand 75
5 Jason Bunch 94
6 Jeff Price 117
8 Don Robbins 119
9 Tracy Jordan 120
10 Walker Evans 122
11 Curt Hilderbrand 122
12 Jason Paule 126
13 Mitch Guthrie 168
14 Charlie Copsey 179
15 Matt Peterson 180
16 Joel Randall 189
17 Ian Liljiblad 198
18 Chris Durham 201
19 Drew Barber 208
20 Neil Lillard 217

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