2010 Rausch Creek Qualifier
Presented by Quadratec
Coverage by Lance Clifford, Camo, and Charlene Bower


UPDATE: 2010-05-04 3:00PM EST by Charlene Bower
The Rausch Creek King of the Hammers qualifier may be dry this year...in typical East coast fashion each weather channel is reporting differently. Some are disappointed that they won't be covered in mud, others are disappointed that they will be covered in dust. Regardless, the crawlers of the East are taunting the drivers of the West to take on the brutal terrain including intense new climbs, not once but having to complete multiple laps.

Does each lap get easier? Or does the course continue to change enough that it is harder? What is the hardest part of the course? What is the winning vehicle setup for Rausch Creek?

These are all questions that we will be answering while covering this event LIVE on Thursday May 6th and Friday May 7th.

2010 Quadratec Rausch Creek King of the Hammers Qualifier Schedule:

3-7pm Tech at the Office
9-12am Tech at the Office
1pm Qualifier Start *** Live Blog Updates available on Pirate4x4.com ***
4-6pm Tech at the Office
6pm Drivers Meeting
9am Staging
10am Race Start *** LIVE Streaming Video Coverage on Pirate4x4.com ***
6pm Race End

Times EST

UPDATE: 2010-05-05 1:00PM EST by Lance Clifford

Darn allergies!

I'm sitting on a plane right now crammed in coach. As our plane taxied for takeoff, the pilot chimes over the PA system, "Hello, this is your pilot speaking. We are having an unusual anomaly, and our navigation system is not working. We need to head back to have the mechanics look at the problem."

So after a couple of hours sitting on the tarmac twiddling our thumbs our pilot lets us know they fixed 2 out 3 issues, and that was good enough for him. We finally took off for Chicago. We are going to miss our connection flight to Philadelphia, so that sucks. I hope things go a little smoother once we get to Rausch Creek!

Be sure to tune in Thursday at 1:00PM EST for our live coverage of qualifying. We will have a live blog with photos and some video clips. Friday will have live streaming video from two locations of the action as well as a live blog with photos and blow-by-blow content by Charlene.

UPDATE 2010-05-07 by Lance Clifford

Be sure to check out Thursday's recap complete with photo gallery and in-car videos!

UPDATE 2010-05-10 by Charlene Bower

Friday raceday recap has been posted!