For those of you who have been to this site before, I am sure you have heard about the unfortunate incident with Nico Pecht and his Jeep Wrangler. If you are not familiar with what happened, I will give you a quick rundown.

On 4th of July weekend, Nico and his group of friends, the California Creepers, were on the Rubicon trail. Upon reaching Big Sluice, Nico broke a rear Dana 35c axle in his Jeep. The club was able to get it off the trail, out of harm's way. They then went back out, and down to town to get a new one. When returning, they realized that they did not have the correct axle. So returning to town again, they were able to get the correct one.

After repairing the Jeep, they were once again on their way. Cruising through the Springs, and up Cadillac Hill they went. Appoximately 2/3 of the way up Cadillac Hill, Nico ran into trouble once again. He broke yet another rear Dana 35c axle shaft. Again, they scooted the Jeep off the trail, out of harm's way. Upon returning the next morning, they found the Jeep nowhere in sight. The Jeep had been pushed off the side of Cadillac Hill, rolling several times down the cliff, coming to rest on a large boulder.

According to the Creepers, there was no way for the Jeep to have fallen down the hill alone. It was most definitely done maliciously.

When we were informed of this incident, we launched a "manhunt" for the culprit. Our site, and several others, including SierraRockCrawlers.Com and Off-Road.Com (you can check out their story of this incident by clicking here) , assisted in gathering info. Many interesting leads were collected, but nothing concrete to nail the jerk. They have a good idea who did it (possibly an ex-member of their club) but they cannot prove this.

While trying to find the culprit, many people suggested to us, that we start a donation drive to help Nico repair his Jeep. The suggestions became so overwhelming, I decided to go ahead and do it, even though I didn't even know Nico.

We announced that we were accepting donations on our site to help Nico out, and there were a few people who though we were operating some sort of scam. Of course this was not the case, and those ignorant people went away. The money and parts began to come in, and the end result was fantastic... About $1250 in cash and parts were collected for Nico. On September 7, Nico was presented all of the money and parts at our monthly meeting. He was overwhelmed, but very very thankful. Unfortunately, I was in Mexico at the time celebrating my honeymoon, but the rest of our members where there for the activities. Check out the pictures below!

Here club Treasurer Ron Kirby hands over the money to Nico.


Sipping brews and talkin' truck.


Here Ron gives Nico his new fender.


Nico receiving his new fender flares

Nico was very thankful for all that he received. I would like to give a sincere thanks to everyone that helped him out. It was awesome to be able to help out a stranger who got the shaft.

-Lance Clifford, Pirates of the Rubicon Vice President and Webmaster.

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