On "Grady Rock"!

Now that's some
wheel travel!

Another view

Trevor and his 

August 1998, the Pirates of the Rubicon 4wd Club hosted the Sweaty Nipples Off-Road Team (S.N.O.R.T.) from Washington State for a trail run on the Rubicon Trail.

The 'Nipples came down in the summer of '97 and got their butts kicked by the Rubicon. They vowed revenge, and spent the winter months rebuilding, and re-engineering just about everything on their rigs.

The trip ended up being a success, and although some of them suffered some major breakages, a great time was had by all. Mark grenaded his brand new Tera 4:1 Dana 300 transfer case, and he also broke a locking hub. Jason broke a front driveshaft, and had electric fuel pump problems. He also discovered that he had a few steering issues that need to be addressed. As for the Pirates, Bobby broke a front axle, and a rear axle..... You can't go wrong with that!

Even with all the mishaps, the trip was a blast, and we got some great wheelin' in. I look forward to the summer of '99 when the 'Nipples come down again, and we can get it on once again!

Jason twisting
it up.

Lance on "Grady

"Duh, is it broke?"

Now that spring is