2010 Ultra4 Stampede KOH Qualifier - Reno, NV
Presented by Hammerking Productions
Live Coverage by Lance Clifford, Camo, and Charlene Bower
Photos by David Taylor
Video by Heavy Metal Concepts


UPDATED 9/12/10 10:00PM PST

We had a day to recover from all the hot, dusty action at Exit 28 Motorsports yesterday. To say it was an epic race would be an understatement. As I had predicted earlier, this was a battle. Not necessarily a battle for first place, but simply a battle to survive. Of the 55 vehicles that started the race, only 18 crossed the finish line in the 8 hours given to them. Some still remain on the course, broken and battered.

Almost all agreed that this was by far the most brutal race they had ever participated in.

"The Baja 2000 was the most brutal race I had ever driven in. After 1,670 miles of driving, I was wiped out. That was NOTHING compared to how I feel right now after 66 miles of the most insane racing I've ever experienced," said Roger Norman, driver of #8 SCORE Trophy Truck who teamed up with JT Taylor for this race.

2010 "King" Loren Healy

The top four qualified drivers were no strangers to the winner's circle. Shannon qualified 1st, with a scorching time of 4:07 to start with the pole position. Jason Scherer was 2nd, Roger and Brad Lovell 3rd, and the current KOH King Loren Healy was 4th. 3 Kings in the top 4.

Stampede winner #5AZ Shannon Campbell

Shannon was on a mission from God, driving at full tilt everywhere I saw him on the course.

"I pushed hard on the first two laps, and then took it a little easier on the last lap because I had a pretty good lead," said Campbell. Right after Shannon made that comment, his brother Nick laughed and said, "according to our lap times, his last lap was his fastest time!"

#76 Jason Scherer

Unfortunately for the 2009 KOH King Jason Scherer, he broke a ring and pinion on his 2nd lap. He was about 8 minutes behind Campbell after the first lap in 2nd place.

"We lost an axle seal, and lost fluid. We were pushing a stuck rig in front of us in one of the canyons, and were on the pipe hard. We went another 100 feet and the pinion was totally stripped," said Jason Berger, co-driver of the #76 vehicle.

#4432 Roger and Brad Lovell

The Lovells showed why they are one of the most dominant teams in rock sports today. They were consistent all day and came across the finish line with a battered and somewhat broken Ford Ranger for a 2nd place finish about 50 minutes behind Shannon Campbell. Brad Lovell was limping and the rear end of the Ranger was literally sizzling and smoking at the finish!

#112 Tracy Jordan doing what he does best

Third place was close. The king of rock crawling, Tracy Jordan physically crossed the finish line 3rd. But after checking starting times, it was Australian Ben Napier who would take the trophy home.

"We had a great day, and Randy Slawson prepped this car great. If I wouldn't have rolled over once, I would have never had to of unbuckled my seat belts. It ran flawlessly," said Napier.

As the day wore on, another battered vehicle would cross the line here and there. But they were few and far in between as only 18 out of 55 vehicles finished the race. That should give you an idea of how difficult this race was!

Below is the spreadsheet showing the finishers, their times, and qualifying times. A huge congrats to everyone who finished this race. That was a huge accomplishment on its own.

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