TDS Tierra Del Sol 2005

TDS Tierra Del Sol 2005




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Tin Bender Buildup Introduction

1 Day, 1 Truck, 1 Cause!

Question: How long does it take to build a trail ready truck?

In just one day, a team of expert truck builders will take on the task of building a trail capable Toyota truck. This kick ass truck will have all the best parts from major Toyota aftermarket parts vendors. When it's completed this trail ready truck will be raffled off to some lucky winner. That's right, YOU could be the winner of this, ready for the rocks Toyota pickup. The proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the legal fund to keep our trails open. You can buy tickets at www.tinbenders.org. The build-up will take place on-site at the 2005 Tierra Del Sol Safari  and the truck will be raffled off on March 22nd. The winner will take possession at the TinBender Jamboree on April 23rd and will lead the run up Wrecking Ball.

The truck will be built Friday March 4 at the 2005 TDS event at truckhaven hills. The buildup is being coordinated by the Tin Bender club of Southern California. Build up will start at 10am and will go until the truck is finished Friday night.

This buildup will include the following parts:

  • Marlin Crawler is providing a front Solid Axle Swap kit with matching rear suspension kit as well as a Dual Ultimate Transfer case setup with 4.7  gears.

  • Polyperformance is hooking us up with the Big Black Cock Shocks and Chromo axles front and rear.

  • Essentially Offroad is coming out from TN to install their in-cab cage.

  • Marsh Racing Wheels is also coming out to install their 36 Bolt Beadlock wheels

  • Interco is wrapping the wheels with a set of 38x12.50 TSL Sx's

  • Front Range Range Off-road is supplying the T-case mount and cross-member and Diamond Axle custom front axle.

  • All Pro is kicking the bumpers and sliders for body protection.

  • Off-road Solutions is sending their rear shock mount crossmember.

  • Tmax is installing their winch with a Rockstomper synthetic winch line.

  • Redart makers of Beard seats and Crow belts is bringing their products to fill out the interior.

  • Toyota of Huntington Beach supplied the parts we needed to freshen up the motor.

  • Jess at Highangle Driveline is giving us the shaft(s).

  • Superior Axle and Gear is stuffing a set of chunks with their 4.88 Gears and Trac Tech's full Detroit Lockers

  • Bobby Long is rounding out the build with a set of his 27 spline Chromo birfs.

  • For looks, AirTime Graphics in Ridgecrest and All Terrain Decals will be teaming up to recreate the legendary Ivan Stewart race truck graphics package. The paint and graphics work will be done after the build for environmental reasons.

High Angle Drive Lines

Superior Build Differentials

Front Range "Diamond" Axle

Dave Cole and Krusty getting ready for the build!


Beard Seats

Marsh Racing Wheels

Marlin Crawler Dual Tcase


Workers Gather Thursday Evening

An important part of this buildup is the environmental concerns. To ensure absolutely nothing is spilled on the ground the work area is covered with layers of plastic and carpeting. Additionally,  the transfer case and differentials were drained before being transported to the event site.



Advanced Air Systems, the leader in portable air systems kicked in a complete PT10 Powertank kit for some serious bling. Nothing fills tires and runs air tools like a POWERTANK!

Dan Moses & Jimmy Denner of Essentially Off-Road came all the way from Murfreesboro Tennessee to install their Toyota in-cab roll cage. That's a hell of drive and a huge commitment to getting this rig built.


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