2004 UROC Extreme Rock Crawling National West Combined - St. George, UT
Brought to you by Drivetrain Direct & Superior Axle & Gear
Story by Sam Silveira
Photos by Chris Ondercin & Sam Silveira

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Pro - Super Modified Rig # Friday Saturday Total
Tracy Jordan 112 16 97 113
Matt Peterson 212 80 61 141
Shannon Campbell 35 55 87 142
Jason Paule 0 108 39 147
Jon Bundrant 80 27 125 152
Mike Shaffer 5 81 79 160
Mitch Guthrie 28 91 73 164
Mark Berger 777 89 87 176
Ken Shupe 30 44 135 179
Ken Blume 192 18 161 179
Charlie Melchner 101 76 110 186
Nick Sessions 330 20 169 189
Walker Evans 20 42 165 207
Robbins / Lilland 100 87 125 212
Terry Howe 8 113 121 234
Chris Durham 36 79 163 242
Ron Christensen 249 105 144 249
Troy Myers 15 120 136 256
Peter Wells 707 65 191 256
Larry Trim 123 120 158 278
Brandon Gillen 10 79 200 279
Nate Williams 723 82 200 282
John Gilleland 722 102 183 285
Curt Hildebrand 26 150 135 285
Ricky Garrett 76 67 220 287
Tracy Evans 92 130 162 292
Craig Stumph 16 120 173 293
Rob Bonney 167 99 200 299
Joel Randall 333 120 185 305
Jen Little 64 120 188 308
Matt Woolley 59 130 178 308
Dustin Webster 747 95 220 315
Bart Jacobs 22 117 200 317
Mac McMillan 75 120 210 330
Eddie Casenueva 111 130 200 330
Troy Muse 56 120 220 340
Jeff Mello 888 105 250 355
Dave Schneider 49 120 250 370
Jason Gibney 916 140 250 390
Jason Bunch 29 250 250 500

Pro - Modified Rig # Friday Saturday Total
Sisson 32 81 159 240
Dean Bulloch 9 111 129 240
Adrian Dognin 327 54 190 244
Bailey 262 120 127 247
Errea / Schwiesow 1 120 135 255
Amy Bulloch 211 92 165 257
Ted Grady 464 91 175 266
Alan Ball 11 129 149 278
Becca Webster 698 85 192 277
Chris Holley 61 82 195 277
Shane Waechter 686 107 170 277
Aaron Cough 40 120 185 305
Bob Standage 999 120 240 360
Jet Jaffee 469 250 250 500

Extreme - Super Modified Rig # Friday Saturday Total
Peter Mazzoni 415 106 112 218
Shane Chiddix 57 120 99 219
Jake Hallenbeack 3 120 112 232
Parker Garrett 252 91 144 235
Jason Scherer 113 82 160 242
Brandon Johnson 133 52 193 245
McClure 248 114 139 253
Harrison Beene 34 111 150 261
Wes Rintelin 121 72 200 272
Bruce Zeller 181 85 191 276
Tony Kasabasich 835 102 175 277
James Mabey 660 90 200 290
Darren Runion 670 120 171 291
John Hall 420 120 174 294
Carl Whitmore 250 120 182 302
Jeff Downs 81 120 189 309
Dusenbury / Hensen 66 120 193 313
RJ Brown 555 94 220 314
Kelly Clifford 55 120 199 319
Linda Adams 303 120 200 320
Zak 17 120 200 320
Brad Anderson 151 120 200 320
Hal Frost 21 120 200 320
Michelle Billington 38 120 200 320
Marvin Pepper 845 120 220 340
Evan Petrick 171 118 230 348
Bryan Hamilton 242 120 230 350
Scott Ellinger 98 120 250 370
Adam Lunn 39 140 250 390

Extreme - Modified Rig # Friday Saturday Total
Brad Lovell 232 57 200 257
Ben Hanks 163 79 197 276
Burau 170 120 157 277
Ferguson / Hammond 23 140 141 281
Brandon Dawson 325 82 200 282
Braden Kemp 50 96 200 296
Sheldon Bucher 19 120 186 306
Jake Mecham 444 116 197 313
Dave Laws 52 120 200 320
Clay Egan 90 120 200 320
McNearney 202 120 200 320
Beard 522 120 200 320
Emilsson 48 120 200 320
Zimmercheid 45 250 250 500

Update 06 Mar 2004 6:40 PST

And the top winners are.....

Pro Nationals - Super Modified
1) Tracy Jordan - 113
2) Matt Peterson - 141
3) Shannon Campbell - 142
4) Jason Paule - 147
5) Jon Bundrant - 152
6) Mike Shaffer - 160

Pro Nationals - Modified
1) Sisson - 240 (winner by score on a specific course)
2) Dean Bulloch - 240
3) Adrian Dodgnin - 244
4) Bailey - 247
5) Errea /Schwiesow - 255
6) Amy Bulloch - 257

Extreme Nationals - Super Modified
1) Peter Mazzoni - 218
2) Shane Chiddix - 219
3) Jake Hallenbeck - 232
4) Parker Garrett - 235
5) Jason Scherer - 242
6) Brandon Johnson - 245

Extreme Nationals - Modified
1) Brad Lovell - 257
2) Ben Hanks - 276
3) Burau - 277
4) Ferguson / Hammon - 281
5) Brandon Dawson - 282
6) Braden Kemp - 290

The rest of the scores will be updated later tonigt.

Update 06 Mar 2004 6:36 PST

While we wait for some scores to come through, I thought we would throw up some more pictures. I am currently uploading a ton more to the Day 2 portion of the Gallery.

Throughout the day, many teams had impressed me with their teamwork and enjoyment of the day. One such team was #327. They had some of the worst luck and most difficult times trying to get through these UROC courses. However, everytime I saw them, they were laughing and just joking about their next challenge. One of their last courses was B2 where they were just spanked. The course ate them up, but they had a blast doing it. The last comment as they pointed out with their tires 10 feet in the air was "This is not the line"

Update 06 Mar 2004 4:37PM PST

The day is winding down and we have some new awesome video footage. It is taking quite some time to upload, so I may just hold onto it until tonight. I just uploaded one of Brian Hamilton making an awesome attempt at A5. Unfortunately it ended with a huge back flip stopped only by the safety rope that was incorporated on day 2. Check it out here:

Brian Hamilton getting it

Update 06 Mar 2004 3:24 PM PST

More pictures have been uploaded to the site. Check them out here:

UROC St George 2004 day 2 pics

Update 06 Mar 2004 3:06 PM PST

Its been a hard day for many of the guys out there. Many people are getting frustrated with the courses, their rigs, or themselves. One guy that is having a good time is Matt Peterson. He is driving newly designed rig for this event. On its first voyage out, he is doing ok on the courses and loving it. This buggy is an air bagged ride that appears to be even smaller than Tiny. Would that make it Minime Tiny? No, he calls it the Ferret. At the end of one of the courses that he walked through, he looked and said with a smile, "Ferret likes it".

Update 06 Mar 2004 2:20 PM PST

Looks like the beautiful weather has turned into a dust storm. The sun is out and shining, but the winds have started to whip up and make the courses hard to see at times.

Tony K was just on course A5. He was doing really well until the last slide hilll. He started heading down, stuck the front right tire hard and the rig pitched over on its side only 10 feet from the finish line. The two jumped out and wee trying to push it over. Tony hopped back in and tried to drive it out, but it sounded as if it hydrolocked after only a few seconds of running. So close to the finish.

Update 06 Mar 2004 1:53 PM PST

Wow is it ever hot out here. Just trying to keep the equipment cool is a challenge. Dehydration is a huge problem for people in the crowd.

Ken Blume has been making great lines today. He took two attempts at "the Wall" located on B5 and walked it like it wasn't there. What looked like a lack of power may have hurt him on his first attempt at the climb. The second however, didn't make a difference. He took a cone though in the ascent. I spoke with him after his run and he had a grin on his face. He is very happy with how things are going today and the break in of his new vehicle. He said, "Usually an event has a "B7" (usually the hardest insane course that most don't make). This event has 10 of them. Any course that you can finish today, you can be proud."

Tracy Jordan followed him through the course. Tracy looked great up to the point on the wall which has become the center of attention. It is one of the hardest obstacles of the day and has been a challenge for all. Tracy took a first jump up it, but even with the power out of his motor, he wasn't able to get the traction to make it. He sat on the wall for a moment or two spinning trying grab, but nothing. A little too much steering to the left side nearly rolled him over backwards, but a quick reverse brought him back down. On his second attempt, he hit the hammer down harder with a slightly angled line which made him just walk the wall. Amazing what a slightly different line can do for you.

I cought up with Kelly cruising the crowd and asked her if she had any words for the day. She laughed and said, "Can we wait until I have a good obstacle before I give you a quote for the site? She has a couple more runs in the day, so good luck to her.

Dustin Webster was just coming down course B5 when his truck made a loud pop. From here it looks as though his front left U-joint has let go. Despite not having the full front axle, Dustin still gave it a HARD charge at "the Wall". It was a good effort, but without all four corners spinning, he had no chance at making it.

When you get a chance, check out the photo gallery. New pictures have been uploaded including some "especially" for the guys.

Update 06 Mar 2004 11:40 PST

Tons of new pictures have been added to the Gallery for those starving to see some action. Check them out here:

St George Utah, Day 2

Update 06 Mar 2004 10:56 PST

Today is going great. Spirit is up from the day before. I think the shock of the courses has worn off some as man of the drivers have improved and gained confidence. There are still many rollovers, but you can really see the tactical planning by many of the drivers.

Linda in rig#303 seems to always put on a great show no matter what the course. She and her spotter had the crowd going as she tried to squeeze her Modified class rig up a really tight ravine. As they were doing this, cheers roared from the crowds helping her gain inspiration to get up something that even the Pros weren't making. In the end she didn't make the course, but crowd loved the show.

A5 is still one of those runs that have all the drivers on edge. This course has the big boulder to climb up and over at the very top of the hill. Beanie Harrison in his Raven Racing Equipmen rig took a line up and was bounced hard to his left which wedged him in the big crack. The judges looked at it totally puzzled and said, "How the heck are we getting it out of there?"

Mike and Lance took a charge at it too. Before they went onto course, I asked them which line they were going to take. Mike thought about actually taking the crack line since no one has tried it yet. Lance's response was, "Lets just shoot the face and be done with the mutha f'r". Mike just laughed and said "There's your answer". Mike's first attempt ended when he got off the throttle too soon. Traction was lost and he came back down backwards. Lance stepped in and restacked all the rocks again, Mike pulled the front end down a little tighter with the winch and it was time for attempt #2. He eased up the ledge and Lance gave him the signal to get it. This time Mike didn't let off and he roasted the tires while floating the valves all the way over the top to a great 2 point finish. When asked how they got the climb, Lance said, "It's all about the CalTrans rock stacking".

Parker Garrett made a sweet decent on A4. At the very end, there is a sandy vertical face that you have to slide down to get off the mountain. Most vehicles have slid hard and fast with some rolling at the bottom. I was amazed to see him just gently crawl down it. He did great on course with a 10 point run. Rear steer helped him take this course today.

John and Nick pulled off a great run on A4 with a score of 10. John's response to being able to complete the course was, "I couldn't have done it without my brother". How sweet. :-) They are working great together though. Good luck to them today.

We are coming to you live from the rental Cavalier and cell phone. We will have more for you as the action comes to us.

Update 06 Mar 2004 8:50 AM PST

The action hasn't stopped today. Engines are revving higher than I heard yesterday. As I sit here, I can see Jon Bundrant struggling up course B2. A great performance yesterday with two 11 scores and a perfect on another course wil make him one to watch as the day goes on. He finaly made it up the tough section with several backups.

Shane Waechter had a rough day yesterday with several 40s. Unfortunately on course B4, he took his green machine on over.

Charie Melchner was doing well yesterday on the B courses, which have been dubbed the most difficult. He was doing well on A3 until graivity took hold.

Ken Blume is at the top of B3 hill smoking up the crowd. There is less than 30 seconds to go on his run and you can hear the spotter yelling at him. With a mad dash and whole lot of banging, it looks like he completed the course just in time.

Clay Egan is trying to catch up in points. He is on A5 and is attempting the Super Modified line in his Modified class rig. HIs spotter is puling hard. Throttle was up and he pointed it to the sky. Laying on his tailgate, he put it in reverse and brought it back down. He is now backing up to take another attempt. It doesn't look like he is going to make it. Two more failed attempts now and no go. The rock is huge. This is the same rock that Skinny flipped off of, so you know they are trying to get it. The judge just called time, but what an amazing attempt at it. He had eveyone on their toes to see if he would make it.

Update 06 Mar 2004 7:35AM PST

The sun is just peeking over the hill top where the competitors are at. This is looking to be another beautiful day here in St. George. The temperature is a little cool, but with the sun beating down on us, it will be our comfor savior.

Today I am sitting at the bottom of the courses where I can actually hear and see action going on. As I speak, Walker is making an attempt up B1 with a vengence. The tires are roosting the dust into the air.... and.... and.... he made it. Just sweet.

Unfortunately on the next course over, Bruce Zeller in the #181 rig made an attempt at an off camber climb and flipped over onto the passenger side. A failed attempt at driving it over made for a cloudy white skyline.

I just got a call in that Mike and Lance got a zero on course A4. All Lance had to say was, "What do you need?"

Update 06 Mar 2004 6:55 AM PST

Good morning PBB fans. Its day two and they can't keep us off the internet giving you live coverage. We sadly lost the Motosat yesterday, but we have an alternative solution. We are coming to you live from a cell phone sitting in a cup holder! You can't go wrong with that.

Well, the action has already started on site with 2 rollovers on the first 2 courses...... oh now make that 3 rollovers. Its going to be an action packed day, so I am going to head out to get some pictures. Scores wil be up soon too.

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