UROC ProNational Event #5 2005 Vernal, UT
Brought to you by Superior Axle & Gear and Marlin Crawler


Series Points




Dean Bullock Wins Modified Class!

Final Scores - Modified

Team Position Score
Bullock / Munford 1 35
Lovell / Lovell 2 41
Stumph / Stumph 3 52
Errea / Schwiesow 4 98
Clough / Mabey 5 108
Bulloch / Bulloch 6 127
Webster / Klein 7 152
Whitmore / Williams 8 162
Schneider, Dave 9 165
Hanks / Candelaria 10 169
Mellow, Jeff 11 211
Sisson / Sisson 12 232
Bailey / Bailey 13 253
Beard / Beard 14 346

Mark Berger Wins Super Modified!

Final Scores - Super Modified

Team Position Score
Berger / Ness 1 90
Campbell / Dieu 2 103
Paule / Wadeson 3 121
Scherer / Goodrich 4 123
Randall / Jorgensen 5 127
Jordan, Tracy 6 145
Evans / Campbell 7 189
Wells / Wells 8 189
Bunch, Jason 9 192
Robbins, Don 10 198
Torbett / Nixon 11 206
Gilleland / Williams 12 206
Sessions / Hensel 13 213
Woolley / Reid 14 221
WIlliams / Ayres 15 230
Schaffer, Mike 16 245
Jacobs / Merrill 17 246
Mazonni / Socha 18 251
Zeller / Poston 19 255
Brown / Brown 20 261
Blume, Ken 21 263
Little / Little 22 266
Howe / Lazzelle 23 271
Hildebrand 24 275
Garrett / Geoller 25 279
Gadsden / Cosner 26 280
Clifford / Clifford 27 286
Webster / Johnson 28 288

5:00 PM Update

Frame and electrical problems cause trouble for the Team Clifford. With just one course remaining Lance Clifford pulls out the wrenches and does some quick repairs are loosing power on their third obstacle of the day. Also a major issues is the rear frame near the pan hard bar has completely broken. Lance uses a pair of ratchet straps to hold the frame together for just one more run. The sharp frame brake is dangerously close to the radiator lower hose and threatens to puncture it as the rear axle articulates.

Here is an interesting place to connect a pull strap, right on the axle. When the spotter pulls from this point all of his effort is used in the direction desired.  


  The rigors of event coverage should not be under estimated. This sound engineer for the Discovery channel catches a break from recording the action.

Noon Update

There are a total of 8 courses that each drive must complete over the two days of competition. The Modified rigs ran courses 5-8 on Friday while the Super Modified rigs ran courses 1-4. Today the groups switch courses and Super Mod runs 5-8. The Modified Class are running courses 1-4. Each course has two routes, one for Modified Class and the other line for the Super Modified. Yesterday none of Super Mods were able to complete course #2 without using a winch, but today the on the Modified line, several of the drivers have been able to score a perfect scores. Becca Webster does a "ride a long" with her spotter for bonus points up course #2.

Carl Whitmore nearly rolled down off the top of course #3 when he was driving right on the lip of the cliff below him. Driving right on the edge without fear, that's rock crawling.

9:00 AM Update

It's cool now, but forecasters are predicting 80 degrees with partly cloudy skies for today. On the course things are really heating up on this, the last day, of the last event, in the 2005 UROC Pro Series. Competition is scheduled to start at 10:00 AM today.

The current series points leader in the Super Modified class is Shannon Campbell. Currently sitting second in points for this event, Shannon has the series win in site.

In the Modified class team Lovell & Lovell are tied for first in series points with Errea / Schwiesow but Lovell's team did better in yesterdays driving and is 37 points ahead of Errea / Schwiesow.


Dustin Webster and the Redbull Rock-It ended up in last place in Fridays scores due in part to a controversial call on course #1. Webster cleaned the course with no problems but at the end was disqualified after apparently hitting a start gate cone. Neither the Judge or a Marshal had actually seen this happed and apparently were responding to what they though the spotter had said. The resulting loss of points was devistating to the teams chances


By Chris Geiger