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2004 UROC WEST Event #2 - Barstow, CA
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Photos by Chris Ondercin & Tom Clark

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(Cougar Buttes) June 5, 2004

5:00 PM - It's over. The awards have been handed out. Brad Lovell took first in the Modified class. Lovell was off to a less than stellar start on the first day, placing fifth by points. He made up all the ground with barely a third of the points of second place finisher team Burau on Saturday.

Peter Mazzoni grabbed first in the Super Mod class with excellent spotting help from Mike Shaffer. Mazzoni didn't have a lot of ground to make up, coming into today with a tie for second place from Friday.

Kelly Clifford kicked ass with the best score of just 18 points for the entire second day, even beating weekend winner Mazzoni.


Why do these people do this? The hardware.


Mazzoni and Shaffer in the winners circle.



Kelly doesn't seem to care that she finished in the top 10.



Final scores for all drivers.



4:20 PM - Just a few rigs are left on the course, Pete Mazzoni is the unofficial winner in Super Modified.

Peter Mazzoni sitting smugly in first place.



Aaron Deusenbury watches a cone go by.



Picture taking is encouraged.



Second place Skinny congratulating Peter on his win.



Lance gets the hell out of the way as Kelly comes flying down A5..



..Kelly hits the ground yelling and never lifts throttle foot..



..Kelly bends one front link..



..and snap the mount off the other side for an 18 point day.



3:45 PM - Scores


3:00 PM - Darren Runion has a lot going on out back. Rear steer, center mounted air bag, anti-rock bar, links.

Runion's rear.



Kelly gets a tug up A4 from Lance.



Kelly doing a rear burn.



Kelly's not happy with her run.



2:40 PM - Lisa Hart is giving us some coverage in the local paper, the Desert Dispatch.

Lisa Hart on the other side of the camera.



Hang up and drive!



Dogs must be kept on a short leash. Short dogs must be kept on a shorter leash.



2:20 PM - Jet Jaffee had a nice rollover to driver side; all the way over and landed on the wheels. He then flopped it back to passenger while trying to get off the rocks he landed on and couldn't drive out of it.

Jaffee coming up to a side hill.



And over he goes..



All the way over and back on his wheels.



umm.. guys, you've only got half as many wheels as you need..



A little controversy on Adam Lunn's last run. Did he or didn't he hit a cone? The judge was on the passenger side of the vehcle, and initially called a cone on the driver's side. Upon later inspection, he reversed it; apparently a rock was runover by the tire, and the rock hit the cone. The judge saw movement at the cone, and called a penalty. If the comp comes down to a few points, this is the call that will be challenged.

Skinny was a little closer to the cone when the judge made the controversial call.



"See judge, it happened like this.." Skinny explains himself.



1:30 PM - Scores


12:25 PM - Mostly pictures.

Emilsson Update: The U-joint gave up before the engine.



If all mechanics looked like this, we'd never wrench on our own junk.



When spotters don't pull hard enough..



..You tumble down sideways..



..And have to be pushed back on your wheels.



12:10 PM - Unofficial scores so far today.



11:45 AM - Jason Scherer picked a wicked line in an effort to make up some points and place, but had a nasty roll about halfway through the obstacle. He was blasting up an exposed rock on A2 when his front end lost traction and slid left. Up on two wheels, pausing for a moment before crashing down and finally landing on driver's side. A couple basketball sized boulders were waiting for him, and they poked in through his cage, knocking against his arm. He tries to drive out, but his cage is badly wedged in the crack line. After a good try, he hops out. He's smiling (a little) so he's not hurt bad, but the medics are looking at his arm now as a precaution.


Scherer getting it up the rick face.


You can't stay balanced like this forever, but it sure felt like it.


Finally landed. Hard.


Trying to drive out, but the cage is pinned.


Scherer had to give up.


The agony of defeat. Or at least de-arm.


That's a smile, not a wince.


The rocks that poked into the cab.


A little damage to the cage. This pinned Scherer down so he couldn't drive out.



11:30 AM - Official first day scores from UROC.



11:10 AM - From yesterday, Adam Lund had the best scores on the A courses. He holds a 34 point lead over his closest competitor over Aaron Dusenbury. On the B courses, Peter Mazzoni is cleaning up with a 20 point lead over second place.


Tire smoke meets course dust.


Shaffer asks Mazzoni for a moment to think. Mazzoni would rather smoke the tires.



A volcano of dust peels off Mazzoni's tire during a front dig.



Just checking out the talent. (This spectator is checking out the driver's talent.)



With temps expected to be in the hundred-and-teens, it's important to stay in the shade.



"Go that way!"



"Why? A little tire smoke, and I'm up!"



10:30 AM - Your P4x4.com correspondent is a little late starting today due to giving a tow to the Emilssons. They seem to have the block on their comp rig patched (see write-up at bottom of Tech Day). It should hold oil in for a while, probably longer than their five cylinder engine holds up. It starts and runs, grudgingly, with a severe knock from one of the remaining five rods.


A patch cut from the inner fender of their comp rig and epoxied to the block.



Tom Clark towing Emil and Einar Emilsson to the competition.

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