Round One of VORRA Ultra4 Racing Hits
the Rev Limiter in Prairie City, CA, OHV Area
Story by Pirate4x4.com Staff
Photos by Rise Above Photography

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Jason Scherer fully getting it!

Four Ultra4 veterans, an Ultra4 rookie, and a 4 wheel drive "class one" car hit the ground running in the VORRA Ultra4 series opener April 21, 2010. The 2009 King of the Hammers winner Jason Scherer was "flat hauling" according to Ultra4 Trent Fabrication team driver Chris Ridgway until he broke a rear Y-Link which cost him the overall win. John Goodby had the "rookie blues" losing a fan and shroud in practice then having steering issues in Moto 1 and a broken gas pedal in Moto 2. In Moto 3 Goodby lost yet another fan, but reports having a great time and plans are underway for a return to VORRA Ultra4 Racing. VORRA 2009 season champion Kevin Yoder took second place, holding off a way under gunned Greg Hussey who was happy to say the least. "I get to hold my rig wide open to the rev limiter for 3 Motos at 5 laps per Moto for 300 bucks?!?! I can't speak enough about how fun that was, even though I was a little unprepared for everyone in class to have 600 hp and 37" tires."

Hussey out of control

A last minute driver change by Trent Fabrication team owner Derek Trent put X Games winner Chris Ridgway back in the 4422 car, but transmission trouble gave the team fits in the first Moto with the team swapping the needed parts but missing the 2nd Moto. Starting in the last row in the third Moto put the team at a disadvantage but they still managed a second place finish in the 3rd Moto behind front runner and event winner Brad Fallin. Never short on words, Ridgway had this to say about the race, "Jason (Scherer) was on fire and we had nothing for him I don't think, although we never got to battle. Kevin (Yoder) has to step up his game now that he invited the rest of us out! No doubt in my mind that he will. A little tweaking here and there and its business as usual for him. (Greg) Hussy struggled with suspension most of the day but he's hooked and vows to be back like the 6 Million Dollar Man next race."

Winner Brad Fallin in his 4wd Class 1 car

The big news of the day was the 4 wheel drive class one VORRA veteran, Brad Fallin, stepping into Ultra4 Racing from the ranks of Class 1. Rumors are that Brad plans to win the Ultra4 VORRA Championship and build a modified version of his current car to compete in the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers. Questions of whether the car is Ultra4 legal are being laid to rest as a claimed 205 two speed transfer case and Hummer inspired axles reside in the rigs power train. “The width seems to be the only issue with it racing KOH,” reported Ultra4 racer “Lil” Rich Klein, who was sidelined in anticipation of the Best in the Desert Ultra4 Silver State race April 23rd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

John Goodby had some tough luck

Kevin Yoder pulls off a respectable 2nd place

Plagued by more bad luck, Team Trent Fab had tranny issues.

VORRA event Promoter, Wes Harbor was extremely happy with the turnout in the Ultra4 class, “We had an entire section of spectators who where King of the Hammers enthusiasts, all wearing their KOH gear, and cheering the Ultra4 class. I think we have a great fit here.” Ultra4 Racing with VORRA returns April 17th 2010 at Prairie City ca OHV area, for more info visit www.vorra.net. The Best in the Desert Ultra4 series continues April 23rd in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s round two in the BITD series as well as the second stop in the Ultra 4 Grand Slam of Off-road.

The action finished out like this:

1. Brad Fallin
2. Kevin Yoder
3. Greg Hussey
4. Jason Scherer
5. Chris Ridgway
6. John Goodby.

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