WEROC Pro Nationals - Globe, AZ
Presented by Alloy USA

April 8-9, 2006
Story by Mike and Jodi Weaver
Photos by Mike and Jodi Weaver, and Lance Clifford



Globe, Arizona (April 7, 2006)

This is the first stop in the We-Rock Pro National West series. We-Rock calls
this event "GLOBAL DOMINATION", and that is exactly what Rock Crawlers are
going to be doing here in Globe.

The town has shown awesome support for We-Rock and the sport of Rock
Crawling so far, by closing the streets downtown for Tech Inspection
and to give the local folks a chance to come check out the rigs and
visit with the teams.

We had a chance to preview the courses that Lil Rich laid out and by the
looks of things, this is going to be a great season opener. The fans
won't be disappointed as this event promises to be action packed. The
teams however may wish they had a bit more seat time in their new and
re-worked vehicles before they hit these courses. We-Rock enlisted the
help of the local county jail trustees to clear the event site and it
looks like an entirely new area from last year.

The weather outlook is clear and sunny ( a nice change from the 2005
event here). So be sure to stay tuned to Pirate4x4 for a weekend of
insane wheeling action that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Prison Crews prepare the courses!

UPDATE 2006-04-08 10:49 AM

Good morning rock crawling fans, what a fantastic day - bright, sunny, a little breeze and a lot of action. With the crowds building and the field of drivers packed with the best rock crawlers in the nation, we have the first shots of todays event for the Pirate4x4 fans at home. The courses are awesome and the battle between Lil Rich and the teams has begun.

Weston Blackie giving it his all on the first run, only to time out in the end.


Spider Trax - with encouraging words from his spotter and well placed rocks, they were on their
way to a great start to the day.

UPDATE 2006-04-08 11:47 AM

Craig Zeller on the A1 course said "I have not seen all the courses yet but this one has a very tough turn around at the top and could prove to separate the Men from the Boys." Zeller chose to try and back down instead of make the turn to get through the end gate, but eventually timed out.

The Maxxis sponsored Jeep with Dan Patterson driving and Bob Roggy spotting, did an awesome job of team work and pure peeling out. So far they are the only team to make the climb on C2 only to time out at the very end.

#318 Driver Mike Papola in his Campbell built Moonbuggy - doing a great job on a nasty course.

UPDATE 2006-04-08 12:30 PM

Entering B2 gets your attention right away.

With lots of loose dirt and rocks there is no need to watch the teams ahead of you for with each rig the course becomes a new challenge, or a stroll in the park.

Kirk LeDoux just rolled off the top of A1

Peter Mazzoni just pulled out a great run, managing to miss a crucial cone on the top part of the course that most teams had been taking out.

Bruce Zeller in the Mad Crawler made course A3 look easy in his Nelson and Nelson built "Scrapper"

UPDATE 2006-04-08 1:00PM

Dean Bullock did a great job on B1 and is having a good day other than breaking a power steering pulley on his second obstacle. He's definitely not out of the running.

What a move by Becca Webster negotiating B2 with the help of her spotter Peter Wells, check out this awesome save off a huge ledge.

Bob Standage made the bonus line look easy until he rolled.

After a clean run, Tim McGill timed out near the finish because of a broken heim joint.

Update 2006-04-08 2:30 PM

We are heading towards the final hour of todays event with many teams already done for the day. The action has been intense and the teams have really put on a great show for the crowd here in Globe. Looks like we should have todays scores posted shortly.

Dustin Webster - Always showing off.

Spotter tells this story.

UPDATE 2006-04-08 3:25PM

Matt Messer in the Trail Gear Formula Toy going over backwards for a Dustin Webster style high dive gainer says..."I knew I was in trouble when all I saw was blue sky." The roll not only broke the timing gear off the cam but took the Trail-Gear FT team out of a tight race for 2nd place behind John James the current days points leader.

Matt's Wild Ride

Day one scores below with a few missing that we will be able to update in the morning.

See you all in the AM.


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