WEROC Pro Nationals - Goldendale, WA
Presented by Polyperformance, Blue Torch Fab, and Alloy USA

July 22-23, 2006
Story by Mike and Jodi Weaver
Photos by Mike and Jodi Weaver


Goldendale, WA (July 22, 2006)

UPDATE - Day One

Despite the triple digit heat - the town turned out in a huge way here in Goldendale, Washington. There was a parade down main street of all the competitors rigs last night and everywhere we went people were talking about this competition and how great it is to have W.E.Rock back here for the 3rd year in a row.

The terrain here is unrelenting and unforgiving. This is some of the wickedest rock crawling we've seen in a very long time. Patience is definitely the order of the day, the tires are easily digging huge holes in the loose, silt like dirt - coupled with the gigantic boulders and you have some insane courses that are difficult for even the most seasoned professional crawler.

On course A2 - The PHH Team of Rick Deremo and Rick Gurst gave it one hell of a try but ended up timing out in the end. It was an awesome effort by this team and Spotter Rick stacked rock after rock but the gnarly deep holes that had been dug by previous competitors proved to be to much to pull out of the bottom of the last climb and to the end gates.

Team #121- Driver Jesse Bigby - getting it done on Course C2, much to the delight of crowds of cheering spectators.

Tracy Jordan - after 40 points on his first run, completed course C1 (his second run of the day) in time but seem to struggle a bit and when trying to correct his position and took a cone in reverse then took a second cone when making the boulder strewn climb towards the end gates. His only comment was "I can't find the cone magnet that someone attached to the car".

Between the heat, the humidity and the terrain even some of the best pro drivers seem to be having a hard time with the extremely challenging courses that Lil Rich has laid out. There have been numerous rollovers and too many broken parts to mention.

Over on the B courses - Bruce Zeller - Team Mad Rock Racing - made Course B1 with 22 seconds left on the clock, after his spotter built a wood bridge and stacked numerous rocks to get him through.

Tom Hammond of Kent, Washington, fighting the boulders of Goldendale on A4.

Team Fool Injected with Driver Kirk LeDoux and Spotter Kris Pelan from Snohomish, Washington - seemed to be having some steering issues in there S&N Fabrication buggy and flopped it on its side. He promptly showered the crowd with smoke and dirt while trying to self right the vehicle to no avail.

On Course B4 - Olympic Off-Road Team #008 - wedged themselves between a loose rock in the front and a stubborn tree stump in the rear at the beginning of the course but were able to wiggle free and as they negotiated the rest of the obstacles,they were progressing smoothly until the team was stopped because the course next to it had the right of way, courses here are so tight together it became unsafe to let both courses run at the same time. Once the vehicle on the opposite obstacle has proceeded past a certain point, time is again started and the driver, who in this case is Robert McKinney is allow to proceed and finish the course. In these situations it is sometimes very difficult for the teams to regain their momentum.

Shannon Campbell #35 - working his way through B4.

Modified Stock Driver Glenn Granger - was putting together a great run on C3 but ended up hitting two cones as he made his way to the end gates.

Here are the Modified Stock Scores from Day One.

Jesse Bigby - 118

Tory Trinka - 59

Mark Durst - 101

Keith Willison - 73

Troy Bailey - 11

Ray Johnson - 87

Brandon Shepard - 50

Glenn Granger - 100

David Smith - 94

Jeremy Sodorff - 136

John Gaffney - 78

Crystal McAuliffe - 129

Richard Bronsema - 74

Dan Patterson - 0

James Andrus - 138

Brandon Henker - 134

It Was very Hot out there today.

Really Hot



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