W.E.ROCK Cedar City, UT
Western U.S. Nationals Event Two, May 17-18
Written by Andy Johnson
Photos by Andy Johnson and England Photography
Coverage brought to you by MAXXIS Tires.





Updates will begin soon!!!


Well we are here and going but we are having a little bit of hardware problems getting the streaming audio up and running. Stay tuned because we should have it up and running very soon.

Things are starting up here in beautiful Cedar City. The courses look are typical Lil Rich style, with a mix of big climbs and technique crawling.

Dean Boulch is up on B2 moving some rocks around as he avoids a cone.

Nicole Johnson is over on B1 creeping her way around.

Buzzy Bronsema is over on B4 roasting the rear tires doing a nice rear burn.

UPDATE 10:30

Ted Waynes just did a nice roll on A1. This is his very first comp. Heck of a way to start his career in Rock Crawling

Dean Bulloch and Karl just finished up B2 with a 6.

Buzzy and Shon completed B4 with a 1.

Team Torchmate are backing their way into B4.

Jennifer Little made the trip out this weekend and are slinking around A2 with rear engine moon buggy. The buggy actually has the motor mounted to the rear suspension.

The Ftoy of Team Marlin Crawler is going on C1.

UPDATE 10:45

Team 660 of John Mabey broke something on B2 and lost power to the rear tires.

Mean while over on A4 it looks like Brent Bradshaw just rolled for the second time.

Keith Northrup following the lead of the Torchmate crew and backing into B4.

Mark Carter in his FU2 sponsored FToy is starting his way up C2.

UPDATE 11:00

Peter Mazzoni just cleared the bonus on B2 and crawled out the exit gate with a 3.

Team Countrywide lost battery power and are getting winched off of B4.

Cody Waggoner is making some finally preparation before he attacks A2.

Jason Paule is driving Hal Frosts this weekend and is crawling his way up the bonus line on B2.

In there event of the season Chris Pook and Mark Lynum are trying to get their Ftoy through the first set of gates on C1.

Jesse Haines is further along then anyone else so far today.

Cody is up and running on A2 and is assaulting the the first climb.

UPDATE 11:15

Looks like Dave Schneider's return to driving didn't last very long. As he got pinched at the fri st set of cones something in the driver side front went pop and ended his run. Hopefully he can get it fixed and back out.

Becca Webster just rolled on B3.

Mark Thurston is getting set to take on B4

Wayne and Dave just finished up a nice run on B2. He says the "Easy Button" helped them finish the course with a 0!

Mark Thurston and Darius Johnson just made a very nice save on B4. In the process though he hit the driver side hard and sheered a steering bolt.

Team Trailtough is spinning their little moonbuggy around on A2


The horsepower is really firing off now.

Nicole Johnson is spooling up her little Ecotech and giving the bonus line on B2 all it has, but just couldn't get the rig to climb the bonus line and timed out.

Andrew Paulsen just rolled off the first climb on A3.

Jesse is up on A1.

Ftoy team of Marlin Crawler is up on C2 getting that little 22r all it has.

The super big horsepower team of Nick Campbell and Jason Berger at lining up for the bonus line on B2. Nick is currently laughing at Jason as he struggles to move a hug rock into position.


Unfortunately, it looks like Nick took out the air supply to his ARB's while he was assaulting the bonus line on B2 and couldn't finish the course.

The Lovell's are up on B4.

Clay Egan is over on C2 and cleared the bonus line.

The Lovell's are slightly wedged up on B4.

Sorry about that down time, but the generator ran out of gas. Oppsy.

UPDATE 12;25

Troy Bailyis up on B2 working the throttle doing all he can to get his rig through the bonus line. He just went airborne and when he landed he took off a good chunk of the ledge.

Mike Klesin is getting himself into a sticky situation over on B4 and is pretty well belly hung.

Jeremy Sodroff has his little modstock Toyota crossed up on C1

WOW with tires smoking and the throttle going Troy just hopped up and over the bonus line.

It sounds as though Jesse Haines ended the day in the lead with Brent Bradshaw in second.



Kathy Crook just worked her butt off, strong arming her jeep through C!.

Carl Nielson is doing a nice balancing act with his old school Bronco.

Jesse Haines just walked A2. Is anyone going to catch him this year.

Carl is putting on an amazing show on B4. Saved a couple rolls and just using the heck out his rig. Just an amazing, amazing show!!!


Jason Scherer and Lance Clifford just put on a nice show on B4. Jason put the rig over on it side only to right out of it and finish up the course.

Becca is now up on B4 trying to match the effort of the previous two guys.


Team Breakall just did a complete full roll off A2. It landed on it's wheels but landed about 5 feet outside of the banners.

Looks like Team Redbull is belly hung. Her spotter pulled on the strap with all he had but he just couldn't get her free.

Bill Kunz and Mike Schaffer just pulled a -1 and are sitting at a -21 for the day!


Brett Proter just put his Ftoy on it's side on C1. He is trying to get up righted, but he is just way to close the banner and ran out of room. With a little help from outside they pushed him back over.

Brian Errea is up on B4. Lets hope they don't get stuck in the crack like Becca!

It looks like Keith and Jason got their battery charged up because they are up and running on B2. Well that didn't well. He just went over backwards trying to climb the bonus line.



Rock Runner just put down a Getting it score of -10 on B4.

Lets see if Dean Bulloch can one up it.

Dave Schneider fixed up his broken outer axle and is waiting his turn on B2.

Mike Klesin about half way through B1

The sunny weather sure has brought out the crowd and some very nice sites.


I guess Dean wanted to make his spotter work because he just did impressive tire pick that required his spotter to get the strap and pull the rig back down. He is now backing down the bonus line!!

With a bit of throttle Dave made his way up the bonus line on B2. With only 2 seconds on the clock Dave and Josh worked the buggy out the exit gates with a 5.

The unmistakable sounds of Jason's LS7 can currently be heard over on B1.

Jimmy Mabey is up on B4, trying to get his rig situated to make the drop into the crack.

Tim Florian is up on C2 and currently leading the Modstock group.


Team Desertfab just put their rig on fire getting through B2! No fire extinguisher necessary though because his spotter was able to blow it out.

Mean while John Maybe took the quick route down the bonus line on B4 by rolling. He landed on all 4 but busted a passenger side rear axle and couldn't continue.

Jason and Lance rolled over on B1.

Looks like someone else is rolled over on B1 because I see tires pointed up in the wrong direction.


Jason Paule is up on B4 and following Dean Bullocks lead and backing down the bonus line.

Kathy Cook looks to have timed out over on C2

Mike Klesin is on B2 doing his thing.

Some final scores for unlimited:

Jesse Haines -2

Brent Bradshaw 48

Matt Messer 53

Cody Waggoner 56

Jennifer Little 93

Kurt mcLaughlin 120

Wow Team Crossed up pretty much just willed their rig through the finish. It was having major fuel delivery problems and finished the last 100 yards of the course on the starter and the rig barely running.


Wayne and Dave our stuck in the crack that claimed Becca earlier. I don't think the "Easy Button" is going to get them out of this one.

Carl Nielson is once again the crowd favorite over on B2. He came up the bonus line like it was nothing. His six year old rig seems to be working pretty good.

It looks like John Mabey got that rear axle fixed and are over on B1.


I really hope you guys just heard Jason fully GETTING IT on B2. Damn that motor sounds good. To bad the rig went into limp mood and wouldn't let him keep opening up that motor.

Weston Blackie is up on B4 with the Lube Job Travis Lubbers spotting. His rig looks a little different as it is now sporting some Dodge Dakota panels sprayed in orange.

Becca is now up on B2. Lets hope she can better her day a little.



Becca just completed B2 with only seconds to spare.

Nicole Johnson next on B4.

Brian Errea is lined up at ready to try his luck on B2.


Incredible!! Nicole just finished up B4 with only about 5 seconds left on the timer! Wow her and Frank really worked to finish up the course.

On B2 Brian Errea just made the bonus climb without hitting the cone! I think they were the only team that was able to make the bonus clean.

Nick Campbell and Jason Berger are backed up to the starting gates on B4 and should be ready to go in a sec.

Wayne and Dave are bouncing around over on B1.



Nice and Jason just walked their Campbell buggy through B4 with ease.

I believe we are down to our final to competitors.

Weston Blackie just finished up B1. He is only 1 of a hand full of people who have been able to finish it.

With screams from the crowd, local boy Troy Baily starts his assault on B4.

I should have final scores for you in about an hour or less.


With the support of about 200+ fans, Troy finished up the course with only seconds!!

I just can't believe the support all these fans are giving. This has to be the first event that I have ever been to that these many people were still here with only a couple rigs running!!


Jason Willis is backing his way around B4.

Already half way through and these guys still have 5 minutes left. Considering other teams are getting thissame point with less then a minute to go they are smoking through the course.


Here are todays final scores:


Stock Mod

Pro Mod






. .