W.E. Rock East - Dayton, TN
Eastern U.S. Nationals Event #2,May 31-June 1, 2008
Story and Photos by Andy Johnson



After a nice 14 hours of traveling yesterday, I finally made it Dayton, TN around 2am this morning. With short 4 hour nap I am out in the beautiful Tennessee sun to bring you round 2 of the Eastern W.E. Rock series.


Interesting, my watch says its 10am but for some reason my body says something different!

All the drivers are lined up and ready to try their hand at the courses. While some of them don't look very intimidating, I guarantee Little Rich has thrown in some nasty climbs and drops!!

Rusty Bray is lined up and ready to run on B1.

Ken Blume is the first to hit B3.

April and John Scheidhauer have their Formula Toy backing into C4.

Lou Levy of CAGE Offroad is up on B2 and just made a very difficult climb.

Chris May is up on B4 doing what they can to get up B4.


Lou is lined up for the 10 point bonus on B2.

April just used every bit of the little 22r to bounce her little FToy to the top of C3

Rusty Bray just blipped the throttle perfectly to hop his rig up to the top of B1.

Wes Harper just spanked C4. I saw him start and by the time I looked back he was already to the top by the time I looked back around.

Team Major Rock of Tom Campbell and Matt Wisler are A3.

Looks like Lou Levy just lost steering on B2 and had to back out of the course.

David Wines and Jeremy Graham have their Ftoy creeping up C4 for their very first course ever!

Jon Terhune just lost a front left axle, left flat tire and lost the springs on both corners of his rig.

Randy Torbett is putting those tractor axles to work walking up A2.

Bunny Rose is up on B1. After barrel rolling at Hannibal they have a beautiful new body that looks very nice.


Bunny and Eugene just had to pull of B1. I looked like she either lost an axle or possibly and ARB.

Bottums Up Rock Racing is being winched up B2.

Team Crush of Derek west just pinned the throttle and fly down the face on B3

Gavin Lewis is over on B1 getting ready to see if he can get up the climb on B1.

April has her little Ftoy going on C4.

Shannon Campbell is back in the drivers seat putting Nick back to his normal spotting duties for the #5 Monster Energy Pro Mod rig.

Goldie Offroadis over on B4.


Kelly Yound is giving her little Jeep all is has. Backing up and continuing to trying to get a run on the climb.

Shannon is having fun with that big motor, spinning that rig around like it's nothing.

Mike Cole is up on B2 taking his time setting up the rig for the down hill run.

AJ Condo just put on a show making the climb on B1

Oppsy, looks like Mike didn't get the right line and did a forward flip on B2. Impressively, he got out and helped his spotter Justin Blair put in back on all four and are continuing on the course.


The crowd here today is huge!! At 11am I would guess there are nearly 1000 people!!!

Mike Cole just put it on the side again! He was so lucky this time and had to call for recovery.

Alan Rich is now taking his turn on B1and putting on great show hopping and bouncing his rig up the big climb.

Rick Artes is putting on a show for the crowd. He saved a couple of rolls, but pushed a little far and put it on its side.

Bill Durham just finished up with C3.

Wes and Wes just completed C1. You have to love listening to the 22r screaming and the rig barely moving!

Lou Levy just finished up B3 with a rear drivers side flat.

The Medics are playing around here. They said forget the ambulance and just landed the EVAC chopper!!


Team Shameless Racing just blew the drivers rear axle out of the rig!!

Bunny is once again up on B2 romping the throttle trying her 3 legged rig up the climb. Things just got even worse. Not only does she have a broken rear locker, but she just snapped the rear driveline.

Oh my, Randy just took one of the nastiest front endo's I have seen in a long time!!! He hit the top of the cage with such force it knocked him a little dizzy. It looks like he is OK because as soon as he got out he was already looking for a porter band to fix the cage.

Kramer from Team Wombat just brought me a nice photo of Randy's roll. Thanks for the help!



Shannon Campbell just jumped that bug up the wall on B3, spun it around and headed back down the hill.

Drew Goldie has his Maxxis sponsored rig all lined up and ready to go.

Bunny did some major damage. Not only did she blow the driveshaft, she ripped the rear link mounts off the center section from under the rig.

Team Quadratec is stacking a ramp for the final climb on B3.

These climbs are really blowing out the parts. Seems the drivers had a make it or break it attitude and they are definitly breaking stuff.

Delighting the crowd, Drew Goldie just made the climb on B1

UPDATE 11:45am

George Negron just schooled the first climb on A2 and his spotter Scott McQueen stacking rocks for the second hop.

Rusty Bray had his spotter scrambling as he was pulling Rusty up the first climb. Josh might be helping save the rig, but man all three times he has been sent scrambling to avoid being hit by the rig.

Ken Blume is now trying to make the climb on B1.


Gavin Lewis is over on B2 walking his rig through the boulder field getting lined up for the final climb.

Team Wombat is up on B1 trying to follow up Ken Blumes masterful run.

Lou Levy just put his rig on it's passenger side on B3.

It looks like Jon Terhune took 15 minutes to long repairing the rig and are out for the day.

Gavin Lewis just finished up B2.

Team Wombat just backed out of B1.

Team Souther Styles just finished up A2.

Lets not forget about Lance and Pistole Pete out racing the BAJA 500 today! You can track those guys on Ion Earth!


Team Crush just put down a fantastic fun on B1.

Shannon and Nick are now lined up and ready for B1.

Team Yoda is diff hung trying to get to the first climb on B2. Wow launched all 4 tires a good 2 feet in the air as he punched it to get un hung and lined up for the first climb.

AJ Condon is over on B3


Shannon and Nick just finished B1 in very good time. They were up and over the first climb with just a couple blips of the throttle.

Brian Milsap just got out of shape on A3 and had to call for recovery.

Kelly Young just ran out of time on C3 and had to spin and come off the course.

Gavin Lewis just took the quick route and rolled his rig off the drop on B3.

Lou got his rear tire filled and is up on B1

Alan Rich is up on B2.


Alan Rich is doing all he can to do on B2 but he just can't get the rig to hook up and make the first climb.

Lou just completed his first course today and hit just happened to be B1.

The Wes's just lost power to the rear axle in their Ftoy on C3.

Kelly Young just started through the entrance gates on C4.

Mike Cole has buggy really pitched on its side on B3.


This event is running so well they have time to take some time and are throwing stuff out to this unbelievable crowd!!

I can't say it enough this crowd is amazing. It has to number be around 2000+ people!!

Brian Milsap is over on A4. I believe he is driving Matt Dee's old rig the nearly identical rig of Jesse Haines unlimited rig.


David Wines has his Ftoy up to entrance on C3 and will be getting underway shortly.

Wild Nut Express is up on A3 working his Campbell built moon buggy through the course. If there was a good time to break an axle he just picked it, because just as he hopped up the climb you could hear a pop and the right rear stopped spinning.

Team 112 is going on A4

Cole Motorsports is working his East Coast Diff sponsored rig up the climb on B4.

Bottoms Up Rock Racing just finished up a clean run on B1.

Looks like David Wines timed on C3.

Bray Motorsports is paddling dirt with those Maxxis tires as he hold it to the floor getting the bonus line on B3.

George Negron is lined up for the drop that Randy did the nasty endo on and walked it out smooth as silk!


Rusty Bray just did a nice little tip toe dance down the final drop on B3.

Something just let go in Drew Goldie's rig. After first it was that familiar sound of a rig popping out of gear, but he is just sitting on B2 and waiting for recovery

Yota Offroad is up and ready to hit the bonus climb on B3. Uhhh he nearly missed the cone, but the nubs on the tire actual flicked it as he tried to finish the climb.

Brian Milsap is way over on A1

Looks like it's Ken Blume is ready for B2.

Ouch. Mike Cole just did a 1 1/2 gainer off the climb on B1.

Chris May and his spotter Jesse Hopper are easing their Toyota bodied buggy around trying to avoid a cone. Unfortunately, they ended up barely getting it.


Ken Blume is over on B2 doing neutral drops trying to get up the ledge!! 4 or 5 major neutral drops he finally got up the ledge. I really hope his son isn't here because he will be all over him about hurting the car.

We have Alan Rich on B3 trying the bonus climb, right next to him is Bill Barton trying with all he has to get up a climb and right next to him is Rusty Bray trying to make a climb!! Who could ask for better action!

Interesting, Bill Barton was fighting a line for a few minutes and finally rolled off it, worked it back onto it's wheels and then shot right up the same spot he just rolled off.

Ken Blume just timed out on B2.


Alan Rich and Rob Middleton just rolled off the drop on B3. I think the buggy liked being it's roof, because when they up righted it just rolled right back over on it's roof. Good boy. Now give that rig a treat.

Team Wombat just bounced his off the tree a few times while trying to make it up the climb on B2. Some should Danny that you there are a lot easier ways to gets nuts from the tree. Well after all the effort making the climb the Wombat rolled over and took a little nap.

Shameless Racing is all by their lonesome on B3. They skipped the bonus line and are doing a bit of bouncing trying to get up the climb.

Ah Team Crush is up next on B2. Will they live up to the "Crush" name or will they make it through smooth!


I guess Mike Thompson wanted to make sure he got the crowds attention because he laid the rig over. If that wasn't enough his spotter came to rescue, well if you call pushing him down the hill and having him land on his roof help.

Team Crush lived up to their name because driver Derek West just crushed the gas pedal and took the first climb in one shot!

Ok, I can't believe this, but Dustin just asked for mud wrestling volunteers and not a single person raised their hand? What the heck I thought mud wrestling was a sanctioned sport out here?

The clock just wasn't in Derek's favor because he got about 3/4 of the way through the course and ran out.


The Monster Energy team of Shannon and Nick are now up on B2. Burp, and they are up the first climb! After a few re-positions Nick got Shannon lined up and they backed right down. Nick is really moving some earth. He is moving some hug rocks. With a much bigger hit of the throttle, they just jumped right up bonus line. They finished the course with almost 3 minutes to spair. They low scored the course with a -2. (They are getting so much attention because they are the only team running :p)


Goldie Offroad is up on B3. They were on break down time due to a messed up rear end. I am not sure if they changed the ring and pinion or are they just cleaned out the chunks and are running it! They are lined up and are going to give the bonus line everything they have left. Change of plans because they now shifted over to the regular line. Guess they didn't like the regular line because they moved back to the bonus line. In an amazing effort they just finished the course with 10 seconds left. They even hit the bonus line!!! Everyone in the crowd was just waiting for the carnage but damn Drew and Mike pulled it off!!

As soon I finish taking photos of the mud wrestling I will get you guys the scores!


Oh ya scores:


Mod Stock

Pro Mod



Lou Levy was nice enough to drop a couple of videos off for your viewing pleasure. Sorry, the video have no audio, so fire up your favorite music and see whats it's like to run a couple courses with the CAGE Offroad/Stoner Invisible Glass sponsored rig.

Video 1 Video 2