UPDATE 7/19/08 9:30AM

The final stop of W.E. Rock West brings us to the beautiful Donner Ski Resort in Donner, CA. On a normal summer day this area is home to the occasional lizard running around on the rocks, but today the top Rock Crawlers of the West have descended on the mountain. This weekend should be a great event with 8 Ftoys, 7 Mod Stocks, 23 Pro Mods and 12 Unlimiteds.


We off off and running.

Chris Pook gets to be the first to drop off the start on C3.

Matt Messer is on A4

Becca is running B2

Troy Bailey on B1

Ricky Moenyham on A3

Weston Blackie on B4


BCC Crawlers just stuck to the wall backing down the wall.

Easy Rick is belly hung on A3

Weston Blackie is also belly hung but go free on B4.

Troy Baily is working his way around B1 and trying to get up the big climb.

Chris Pookey seems to be having a little trouble keeping their Ftoy running while trying to get up the wall on C3. It sounds like they broke something either a front or rear ring and pinion. They still trying though.

Robery McKenney rolled on A1 but were able to get it back on all four and are running again.

Justin and Mark Hall just finished their first course on C2.


C3 just claimed another rig. The Scooter N Bikes rig just blew something in there rig.

Hal Frost is over on B1 trying to get up the climb.

Team Torchmate is up on B2.

Wade Cameron and his soon to be wife Kim Jensen are getting ready to go on C2.

Dave Cole is also lined up on B4 and pulling through the staring gate.

Team Fu2 is trying to get through C4.


Kurt McLaughlin seems to have lost low forward gear and ran out of time on C2

Hal Frost just had to be pulled off B1

Todd Young completed A3 fairly easily.

Ricky Mooneyham is working the buggy up a nice climb on A4.

Wade Cameron just timed out on C2.

Bill Kunz and Mike Shaffer are getting winched off B2. Not sure what happened because they had only reached the first climb.

Cody Waggoner is over on A3 with his Father James out tossing rocks.


The action is really moving!

Dave Schneider is over on B2 getting ready for his first course of the day. He is coming off a CalRocs win two weeks ago right here at Donner.

Just heard the distinct roar of Shannon Campbell's LS motor on B3.

Keith Northrup just made it through B1 with what looked like relatively easy.

Instead of hammering down on C3 Justin pulled out the spotter strap and pulled the little Sami right up the hill.

Ted Wiens and Collin Woolsey just rolled it off the hill on A3.

John James is on C4 but had to be winched off the course.

Tom Wayes is putting on one heck of a show trying to shoot up the major hill on A4.


Jesse Haines is working the rear steer to perfection as he crawls his way around A3 and finished with a 2.

Brent Bradshaw is on A1.

Brian Errea is getting ready for his turn on B1

Carl Nielson just jumped up the nasty dirt climb on B2.

Jeremy Sodorff is on C3 warming up his crawlers trying to make the climb. Like the other rigs before him he starts hopping and has to stop before he blows something.

Dean Bulloch shot finished up B4.


Matt Heimsoth just took a nasty roll off the wall on A1.

Brad and Roger Lovell are up on B4 working the throttle to rock the rig to get off the belly hanger.

Troy Bailey is crawling around B2.

The hood is up on Hal Frosts rig and looks like they are trying to get some


Rick Mooneyham just rolled over on A1. Scott Ward showed his muscles got the rig back on its wheels all by himself.

Wade Cameron just put on a nice show bouncing his way up the large wall on C3. Unfortunately, he broke something in the front end and wasn't able to finish the course.

Nicole Johnson just walked through B4.

RunDog is out here working his rig around A3.

Those Gals have their Jeep looking good after the hard work in Cedar City

Tim Florian just rolled coming down the hill on C3.


Jesse Haines is back to work on A4.

Ted Wiens just finished up putting on a heck of show getting up the huge climb on A4

Weston Blackie is lined up for the major wedge on B1

Richard Bronsema is just rolling into B2.

Jesse is crawlllling the major climb others have been hammering it. Very very nice.


Marc Thurston just rolled on B4 and had to get some assistance to get righted so he is done.

Bryan Crofts just did a nice little power slide down the first drop on C3 and is ready to try the climb back up C3. After a few bouncing attempts they pulled out the spotter strap and the spotter is trying to help get a little more traction.

Its nice to Jeff Mello out here. He is up on B1.

UPDATE 12:25

Becca seems to have lost drive on B4 is having to take break down time to figure out the problem.

Robery McKenney is out of the car on A4 trying to find out why the rig doesn't want run He got it running and made it up the climb and out the exit gate.

Those Guys are ready to take on C3.

Daren Runion is now up running on A4.

Scooters N Bikes just blew a radiator hose on C4.


Becca seems to have got the drive problems corrected because they are making their way around B4 fairly easily.

Dave Cole is positioned to shoot the climb on B2.

Matter Messer is backing down into A3.

Time is running out quickly on Those Guys but they finish with a little time to spare.


Carl Nielson just took a nasty tumble on B4.

Brian Errea is going on B2

Pete Mazzoni lining up for the climb on B1.

Bernie Hageman just slid down the first down hill section on C3 and are now trying to make the big climb. After a few attempts using lots of throttle, Bernie put it in low and just crawled right up the climb.




Ted Wiens just rolled over on A1.

Richard Carter is lined up to drop down C3.

John hall seems to have timed out B2.

Todd McCullen lined up to hit the climb on B1.

Tim Florian is up on C4. Could he be the first to make it through course today?

Team Breakall is slinking their rig on A3.


Wow Keith Northrup just took a heck of a tumble off of B3. They did a complete roll and landed on the wheels and were able to continue on.

Looks like team FU2 couldn't make it up the big climb and ran out of time.

Weston and Lubes are up on B2. Lubes is playing around in the dirt spreading it out on the rock to make it a little easier for Weston to front dig around the cone.

Craig Thompson looks to have timed out on B1.



Food who has food!!!

John James and Mustard Dog are trying to get their Marlin Crawler Ftoy up the big climb, but it isn't hooking up. Like others he tries to crawl it and it walks right up it. The BFG's seems to letting guys crawl right up it.

Weston timed out on B2.

Jeff Mellow is now up to go on B2

Dean has made it to the climb on B1.

Larry Carver is starting in on C2.

Bryan Crofts just put the loaner rig over on its side on C4. I think that is the second time he has put that rig over.

The crowd is really loving the action!


Lube says HI Mom!


Jeff Mello give the last climb on B2 all he has but the rig just doesn't want to go.

Not to be out done Larry Carver is giving the squirrels the wood on C2, but the little 22r just can't compete with the Jeff's big V8

Kurt McLaughlin just made the big climb on A4. He almost used his spotter for traction, but he stopped within a few feet from running him over. He got knocked down but he seems to be OK.

Mike Wright is trying to crawl the climb on C3, but his tires just won't hook up.

Brad and Roger Lovell are working the big crack line on B1.

Keith Northrup just pulled a nice save coming down the belly hanger on B4.


Brad and Roget Lovell were able to get through B1.

Not to be out done by Brad and Roger, Nicole Johnson just walked her way through B1 as well.

Now it is Shannon and Lances turn to see if they can make it through B1. Shannon said they have been doing pretty good today, but say's B1 is a little intimidating.

Team Death Wobble just blew out the rear output shaft while trying to make the climb on C3.

Dave Cole pulled out of the exit gate on B2 with 3 seconds to sp air.

Pete Mazzoni is now taking his turn on B2.

Hal Frost just came up and over the belly hanger on B4 with ease.


Now who do you think was the first person to walk up to the Toyota of Team Death Wobble? It was non other then Marlin Crawler himself.

Pete just shot up the climb on B2 like a rocket.

Hal Frost just rolled out the exit gates on B4. He did a complete roll right on to his wheels!!

Lance is over on B1 doing a little landscaping as they get ready to make the bonus climb on B1.

Those Guys are doing what they can on C4, but I don't think anyone is going to make C4 today.


Ut oh it looks like Those Guys lost the front driveline and will need recovery to get out of C4.

John Hall is back this weekend over on B3.

Buzz and Shawn are up on B4. It will be interesting to see how they do because they have no front locker.

Marc Thurston just made it through the wedge on B1.

Todd McCullen is doing a little bit of soil tilling as he tries to get up B2.


The Lovell brothers just completed what looks to be the low score of the day on B2.

Becca has her RedBull Rockher lined up to climb the wall on B1.


John Hall just rolled his rig over on B4. With a bit of help he had it put back on all 4.

Nicole Johnson is down on B2 pumping up the crowd while Frank stacks rocks for the final climb. She is giving the little motor all it has but the rig just doesn't want to do it.

Chris Ad amen looks like he went to the lumber store as he grabbed a big piece of timber and stacked it in the crack on B1.

Jeff Mello is on the throttle on B3 but he ran out of time.

After that attack on B2 it looks like Nicole Johnson's put a hole in the oil pan..

Dave Scheinder is up on B1.


DSI was able complete B2 with Josh Burau stacking lots of rocks so he could climb the big climb with just a little bump.

Dave Cole lost a rear driveshaft on B3.

Lance is moving some HUGE rocks on the big climb on B2!! He doing some major work filling the large holes at the bottom of the climb. It looks like Shannon and Lance are happy with the stack. The stack paid off because Shannon opened up the LS2 and shot right up the hill!!

Karl is up on B1.

Cage Offroad is working is nice and slow while Shannon is opening up the LS2 again. Thank goodness the fans where on their feet because he made them all scramble!! Shannon did a great job of getting the rigged stopped right away!!


Dean is doing all he can do, but it doesn't look like he is going to make the climb on B2.

Peter Mazzoni is all crossed up on B3 and is calling for recovery.

C4 just ate Wade Cameron's rig.

Those Gals are now up C4 to see if maybe they have the ladies touch to get through.


Well it looks like the ladies team of Those Gals didn't have the touch either because C4 ate their rear driveline.

Mark Thurston is doing what he can on B2 but he just can't get up the wall on B2.

Todd McCullen is working B3 but he only has 2 minutes and a ways to go.


Scores as of 4:45pm

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